How to Earn Power Crystals in Knockout City

The Knockout City Heroes event has begun. It expands the game’s dodgeball arena with several new features. We’ll be showing you how to quickly earn Power Crystals in Knockout City.

How to Earn Power Crystals in Knockout City

You can use these Crystals to purchase exclusive items in the limited-time Superhero event. Players should use their Superpowers and spend their Power Crystals before the event concludes on Tuesday, September 14th, as they will be unavailable afterward.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Power Crystals in Knockout City

Knockout City Power Crystals Farming

Completing Hero Contracts and playing matches will reward you with Power Crystals.

Power Crystals are a new and limited in-game currency that can be used to purchase exclusive items in the Hero Shop. The Hero Shop sells a variety of cosmetics that will be unavailable once the event is over.

Knockout City Superpowers Gamemode

The limited-time Super Powers is a conventional dodgeball street play mode that grants you a random superpower each time you respawn.

The following are the seven unique limited superpowers:

  • Ballform Bounce – Bounce pads will provide you with Ultimate Throw.
  • Charge-Up – Catching and passing both results in an additional charge.
  • Tackle Strike – Helps you deal with opponents by inflicting damage on them.
  • Double Jump – Enables you to jump while being in the air.
  • Healing Ability – Heals you up over time.
  • Strength – Pick up opponents to tackle.
  • X-Ray Vision – Aids in seeing and targeting opponents through walls.

Hero Contracts

Contracts earn you Power Crystals, which you can then exchange for limited-edition cosmetics in the Hero Shop. There are 14 Contracts in total, with 13 of them granting 75 Power Crystals each.

This guide contains a list of all contracts with the information necessary to complete them.

  • Super Charged – Score 10 K.O having the Charge-Up
  • Heal Up – Score 10 K.O using the Healing Ability
  • Spiked Shoulders – Score 10 K.O having the Tackle Strike
  • Sticky Fingers – Score 10 K.O having the Superpower Strength.
  • Fleet Footed – Score 10 K.O with Superpower Double Jump.
  • Lightning Pads – Score 10 K.O using the Ballform Bounce
  • Special Eyes – Score 10 K.O with the help of X-Ray Vision
  • Pow – Score 100 K.O with any Superpower active.
  • Weird Flex – Score 200 K.O using any Superpowers from the list.
  • It’s a Bird Play – Play 10 matches with any Superpowers active.
  • It’s a Plane Win-Win – 10 matches with any Superpower active.
  • Hero Academic – Play 35 matches with the Superpowers.
  • All-Mighty – Win 35 matches with any superpower activated.

Keep in mind that you are racing against the clock. Finish these Hero Contracts as soon as possible and use the Power Crystals to get the awesome limited-edition cosmetics from the Hero Shop.

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