Knack 2 May Be Announced At E3 2016 by Sony for PS4

Knack 2 may get announced at E3, if the various rumors that have been circulating are true about the game possibly getting a sequel after its 2013 debut.

Rumors are starting to circulate yet again that we’ll be getting a Knack 2 game, if it debuts at E3 and the rumors are true.

The video game “Knack” came out in 2013 as a launch title for the Playstation 4, and was a platforming beat-em-up that told the story of a small robot called Knack that could get stronger by attracting pieces of junk. Knack found himself caught up in a conflict between humans and the goblins that were attacking them as he tried to recover a number of ancient relics and end the fighting.

The game only got a mixed reception, but was apparently successful enough to warrant a sequel, at least according to rumors. The first of them came several months ago after a developer’s LinkedIn account talked about being a developer on Knack 2.

Critics did praise the original direction that the game took and praised its ideas, but the relatively weak story and gameplay was a point of criticism.

However, this is all just speculation for now; there’s been no real indication besides rumors that Sony Computer Entertainment has been working on a Knack 2.

The information that the animator put on their LinkedIn account has since been removed, so the only way that we’ll see anything about a possible sequel to Knack is that if the game is announced at the Playstation conference at E3.

At least, however, there’s something to be said for the possibility that Knack 2 has been in development for at least two years. And if the game has truly been in development for a number of years, it’s likely that a Knack sequel has been in development for a while now.

With luck, the sequel being in development for so long will help Sony Computer Entertainment in the development of the game in the long run. If they’ve taken the criticism from the first Knack game to heart, Knack 2 will hopefully have its gameplay and its story improved so that the game can be well-reviewed.

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