Black Ops: How To Get Mule Kick Perk In Kino Der Toten

Three is better than two.

The Mule Kick is one of the most essential perks to get in Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 zombies, especially in Kino Der Toten where surviving becomes difficult on higher rounds.

Unlike other basic perks that allow players to take less damage from zombies or revive themselves, Mule Kick does something much more overpowered.

The perk allows players to add an extra weapon to their holster, meaning that they get to carry a total of three weapons in Black Ops 1 Zombies.

Mule Kick Perk Location in Kino der Toten

The Mule Kick can be found inside the eastern room on the second floor of the map. Walk up the staircase in the spawn area and purchase the door for 1500X points. Walk straight through the room to find the perk inside the western corner to the staircase.


Do keep in mind that the Mule Kick will only be available if you’re connected to PSN or XBL.

To equip the perk, players must first turn on the power by interacting with the circuit breaker found in the theatre’s backstage area and then collect 4000X points to buy the perk.

Once the perk is with you, all that’s left to do is find a weapon and equip it in your arsenal. However, do keep in mind that losing the Mule Kick by going down will result in the third weapon being lost.

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