Kingdom Hearts 3 Xbox One Japanese Version Listed Again

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xbox One version is once again back on the Japanese Xbox Store. Official confirmation is yet to arrive.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xbox One version is once again back on the Japanese Xbox Store. A few days ago, the game’s listing mysteriously disappeared from the Japanese Xbox Store with no word as to why or whether it will be coming back or not.

It was also believed that considering the almost negligible amount of Xbox One consoles sold in Japan, the game might not be getting an official release in the region and fans will have to import their copies or buy from other digital stores.

Thankfully, that no longer seems to be the case as the Kingdom Hearts 3 Xbox One store page is back up, although there is still no option to pre order the game yet or any info on the release date.

Since the game is available on the Japanese store, it is highly unlikely that the game will be cancelled in the region which means Japanese fans will probably be getting a proper localized port of the game.

There is also the possibility of a remastered collection which would include not only Kingdom Hearts 3 but the previous games as well since this is the first time the franchise is making an appearance on a Microsoft console so it could be a good idea to have new players get a feel of the past of this cross-over franchise.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Xbox One version is expected to release sometime next year alongside a PS4 version as well. There are rumors floating around regarding a PC version of the game but Square Enix hasn’t mentioned anything yet. Considering their recent focus on bringing previously console exclusive games to PC, it is possible there might be a PC release in the future.

The game was also listed recently by EB Games Australia for Nintendo NX, the upcoming handheld/home console hybrid by Nintendo. The listing was removed shortly and EB Games denied ever putting it up.

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