Kingdom Hearts 3 Postcards Guide – Where to Find, How to Use

Our Kingdom Hearts 3 Postcards Guide will help you learn everything you need to know about finding Postcards in the game and using them.

Kingdom Hearts III Post Cards are a borrowed feature from the previous iteration of Kingdom Hearts’ games. Post Cards can be used to get you some goodies. However, most of the times, these goodies do not include anything too significant, so it is not a very important element in the game but it is worth something.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Postcards

During your playthrough, you may notice that you have been stacking up on special Postcards; these are acquired by investing Munny in the Moogle Shop.

Each time you spend Munny in the Kingdom Hearts III Moogle Shop, you will receive one of these. So, it is no surprise that you will see a lot of these, as you will most likely be interacting with the Moogle Shop very often.

You can instantly collect your reward, by mailing the postcards. First, you have to locate a mailbox. You can find a mailbox in the Twilight Town, so head over to the Twilight Town.

To do so, just head to the nearest save point and then select the World Map option.

On the map, select Embark then navigate over to Twilight Town and select it, then you will get to choose which save point you want to load in at.

Spawn near the Moogle Shop; besides the Moogle Shop on the left of the shop, you will be able to see the mailbox. Therefore, you can instantly cash your postcards as you receive them from the Moogle Shop.

However, if you have acquired them from a Moogle Shop in a different region, then it is not advised to claim the reward immediately.

Of course, there is no real drawback of claiming the reward right away; we know how anxious you must be on getting your reward.

However, in order to save a lot of time, rather than frequently visiting the mailbox, it is advised to stack up on a good amount of cards before visiting the mailbox.

As mentioned previously, the rewards are not anything to brag about. Most of the rewards are synthesis materials, but if you are feeling lucky, you might receive a decent piece of Armor or an Accessory, so it is worth checking out occasionally.

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