Kingdom Come Deliverance Errors, Black Screen And Other Fixes

Kingdom Come Deliverance has launched for PC and consoles and like many PC games, there are many Kingdom Come Deliverance errors that players have been experiencing like Random Freezes, Audio stuttering, black screen and more. Here we will discuss all of them and provide with potential fixes and workarounds.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is an open-world title developed by Warhorse Studios for PC and consoles, However, like many PC titles, the PC version of the game has been experiencing some issues which all will be discussed here.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Errors, Crashes And Fixes

While the developers of the game are working to resolve all the issues which the PC players have been experiencing and until then here are some possible fixes and workarounds.

Random Freezes
One of the Kingdom Come Deliverance Errors is the random freezes that players have been experiencing. There could be multiple reasons for this issue like one of the game settings that might be causing the game to freeze constantly. There are a couple of workarounds to this issue.

The first workaround is for those who are running the game on a Nvidia GPU. All you have to do is go to the Nvidia Control Panel and select “SLI and PhysX Configurations”. Here select your GPU under “PhysX Settings” and these random freezes should be a thing of the past after that.

The second workaround is very simple but could be time-consuming as it involves trial and error. For this, you need to lower the graphical settings and turn them up one by one and you should be able to pinpoint the graphical setting causing the game freezes. Also, the issue could be caused by multiple graphical settings.

Scribbled Text, Green Screen Flickering At 4K Resolution
Another one of the issues faced by Kingdom Come Deliverance players on PC is the scribbled text or green screen flickering at 4K resolution. Not only that this issue is also causing the dialogue option to look like a mess. The solution is quite simple and many of you might not like it.

To resolve this issue you will have to lower your resolution to 1440p and the issue should resolve. However, there is another workaround that might just work.

For this workaround, open up Nvidia Control Panel and select “Change Resolution” under “Display”. Here check the “Use Nvidia Color Setting” and select the “Highest (32-Bit)” for Desktop Color depth and this should at least resolve the green screen flickering problem.

Also, we advise you to update your GPU drivers as the older drivers might be the culprit behind the issues.

If you are getting blurry texts still, just open the game console and type “r_TexturesStreamingMipBias -3” and press enter. Close the console and you will see a noticeable difference. Keep in mind that this setting may cause of 2-4 FPS loss.

Audio Stuttering and Audio Issues
Another one of Kingdom Come Deliverance errors is the audio issue. Some of the PC players have been experiencing audio stuttering and many have reported that there is no sound except for music and the sound randomly comes back and especially the dialogues can’t be heard.

Let us start with the audio stuttering and buzzing sound. The solution to this issue is simple but could be lengthy. Open up your Playback Devices by right-clicking the audio icon in the bottom right of your display and select your default devices which in most cases will be “Speakers”.

Select your default audio device and open up properties and go the “Advanced Tab” and here you will see a drop-down menu. Here you will have to do a trial and error as there are many options and one of the options should resolve the audio stuttering and audio buzzing issue.

Now on to the other audio issue which is that the music is randomly coming back and dialogues are mute. The issue potentially could be because of Windows setting your sound at 5.1 or 7.1 surround despite you having a 2.1 stereo sound system. Just go to Playback devices and select “Configure”, here select stereo and press next and the issue should resolve.

Bad Performance,Stuttering, Low FPS
Low FPS and performance drops are nothing new to PC games and Kingdom Come Deliverance is no exception as the game, being developed on CryEngine, sees a lot of stuttering and FPS drops and here are a few workaround that could potentially fix this issue for you.

The first solution to the issue is the outdated GPU drivers. Make sure you have all the latest driver installed for your Nvidia or AMD GPU or at least install the game Ready driver for the GPU as it brings game-specific optimizations. This should resolve the low FPS, bad performance, and stuttering problems.

Also, make sure you have selected all the right options in Nvidia Control Panel. Open up Nvidia Control Panel and select “Manage 3D Settings” and then select “Program Settings”. Here will be a drop-down list and Kingdom Come Deliverance should be included in the list.

if you can’t find the game on the list, just add its exe. file and start tinkering. Most importantly select “High Performance” for “Texture Filtering Quality”.

Furthermore, select “Adaptive” or “High Performance” under Power Management. Also, make sure you have selected “Single Display Performance” is you have a single display setup under “Multi-display”. This should resolve the performance and stuttering issues of the game.

Furthermore, another reason for the stuttering might be the slow RPM of the HDD. Make sure have an HDD with high RPM or an SSD to counter this issue. Otherwise, you will need to lower some settings maintain performance.

30 FPS cap on Cutscenes
Some Cutscenes of the game are capped at 30 FPS which should not be the case as the cutscenes are a part of the game and they should have the same frame rate as the game.

To resolve this issue, you will have to add a new configuration file. First make sure that you are in the fullscreen mode in the game. Then exit the game and make a new file “user.cfg” in the main game folder called <path-to-game>.

Open the newly created file in the text editor and two new code lines as:

r_Vsync = 0

sys_MaxFPS = 144

After that just give the command “+exec user.cfg” to the game shortcut target location on your desktop.

Long Load Times
This is another one of Kingdom Come Deliverance Errors that have been reported by many players. While the game does have optimization issues but you might be able to reduce the load time by making sure no unnecessary background process is using the HDD.

Also, make sure you a high-RPM HDD as the game, at the time of writing, has been showcasing problems with slow RPM HDD.

Black Screen
Black Screen is an issue that pops up in many PC games and has appeared for some users in Kingdom Come Deliverance. However, the issue could pop up due to more than one issues.

The first issue that could cause the black screen is very simple one as the game sometimes selects a higher resolution than the PC’s native resolution at first launch. All you have to do is press “ALT + Enter” and the game will go into Windowed Mode. Just go to the video settings and select your native resolution and select “Fullscreen” and the issue should resolve.

Another reason for the Black Screen issue to pop up could because of the outdated GOU derivers. Just update them to the latest version and the issue should resolve.

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