How to Unlock Secret Team Endings in King of Fighters XV

Some people go for the main story, some are more interested in the side quests, and a small percentage is keen on finding what everyone else couldn’t; the secret stuff and easter eggs. This guide teaches you how to unlock secret team endings in King of Fighters XV.

What are Secret Team Endings in King of Fighters XV

The tradition of Secret Team Endings goes back to King of Fighters 96. These are additional endings on top of the main ending, which can be unlocked by playing with a specific combination of characters.

These combinations or teams are different from the already given 13 teams. These secret teams are usually based on a theme or require vast knowledge of the King of Fighters Franchise.

To unlock an extra ending, you will have to solve the mystery of the secret team.

These secret endings are completely separate from the main storyline of the game. Each secret ending also features Heidern’s generic mission ending to tie things together. These endings surely add to the replay value of the game.

Sometimes the theme might be very unorthodox, sometimes it will be straightforward, and sometimes it will require deep knowledge of the King of Fighters Lore.

Secret Teams in KOF XV

Following are the secret teams in King of Fighters XV

  • Team Legendary Heroes: Kyo Kusanagi, K’, Ash Crimson
  • Team Rampage Warning: Shun’ei, Leona Heidern, Iori Yagami
  • Team Bad Behavior: Isla, K’, Krohnen
  • Team Mexican Reunion: Ramón, Ángel, King Of Dinosaurs
  • Team French Native: Elisabeth Blanctorche, King, Shermie
  • Team Juvenile Troop: Meitenkun, Kula Diamond, Chris
  • Team Buff Bods: Ralf Jones, Maxima, Antonov
  • Team Classic Beauties: Mai Shiranui, Luong, Chizuru Kagura
  • Team Hunks: Benimaru Nikaido, Robert Gracia, Yashiro Nanakase
  • Team Parents: Terry Bogard, Vanessa, Dolores
  • Team Grapplers: Dolores, King of Dinosaurs, Clark Still
  • Team Bike Enthusiasts: Ryo Sakazaki, Krohnen, Ángel
  • Team First Generation Ikari: Ralf Jones, Clark Still, Heidern
  • Team New Girls-High School: Yuri Sakazaki, Athena Asamiya, Isla
  • Team Disciples of Tung Fu Re: Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, Shun’ei
  • Team SNK Heroes: Kyo Kusanagi, Ryo Sakazaki, Terry Bogard
  • Team Old SNK: Ralf Jones, Clark Still, Athena Asamiya

Additional Rewards from Secret Teams

Apart from the special endings, you will also receive additional soundtracks in the DJ Station. Following the unlockable soundtracks from the secret teams.

  • King of Fighters 13: Team French Natives
  • King of Fighters 12: Team Legendary Heroes
  • King of Fighters 11: Team Bad Behavior
  • King of Fighters 2003: Team New Girl – High School
  • King of Fighters 2002: Team Grapplers
  • King of Fighters 2001: Team Bike Enthusiasts
  • King of Fighters 2000: Team Mexican Reunion
  • King of Fighters 99: Team Juvenile Troop
  • King of Fighters 98: Team Hunks
  • King of Fighters 97: Team Rampage Warning
  • King of Fighters 96: Team Classic Beauties
  • King of Fighters 95: Team Parents
  • Fatal Fury: Team Disciples of Tung Fu Rue
  • Samurai Showdown: Team Buff Bods
  • Metal Slug: Team First-Generation Ikari
  • Neo-Geo ETC: SNK Heroes Team
  • SNK ETC: Old SNK Team

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