Kena: Bridge of Spirits Rusu Mountain Collectibles Locations Guide

Kena Bridge of Spirits is a Semi-open world game and like all such games, there are hundreds of collectibles waiting to be found! This guide will help you find all the collectibles in the Rusu Mountain location of Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Rusu Mountain Collectibles Locations

The Rusu Mountain area of Kena: Bridge of Spirits has 25 Collectibles. These consist of 13 Rot, 6 Hats, a Spirit Mail, a Cursed Chest, a singular Meditation spot and 3 Flower Shrines.

Some of the areas mentioned will be inaccessible unless you’ve already completed the main storyline. So, check back when you’ve completed it to grab every collectible in this guide.

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Rusu Mountain Rot Locations

Rot #1

Near the beginning of Rusu Mountain, where you clear a patch of corruption, you’ll find this Rot near a large rock on the right side.

Rot #2

Before the tree with a sign on it, there’s a slop. Instead of sliding it all the way down, jump onto one of the rocks to the right. Keep following this path till you see a lantern near some stones with engravings. The rot will be near the lantern.

Rot #3

Climb the ledge downwards next to the Fast Travel location of the Ruins to locate the Rot.

Rot #4

After you get through the climbing portion in the area, follow the path to the north-east instead of heading where you’re supposed to. The Rot is before you get to the destroyed bridge.

Rot #5

When training with the bow, shoot the purple vase hanging from the tree to reveal the Rot.

Rot #6-8

These three are automatically provided for defeat the Wood Knight.

Rot #9

After you defeat Wood Knight, check the drawers inside of Rusu’s House.

Rot #10

In the Water area with all the gears, the Rot is running around disguised as a Flower. Use Pulse Ability to stun and catch it.

Rot #11

Shoot the targets above the waterwheel next to Rusu’s house. Then activate the Tear and use the Rot army to water the Plants. Here, look for the vegetable surrounded by butterflies. Use Pulse to free the rot from this vegetable.

Rot #12

Get to the Gorge Fast Travel Point. Here, go to the broken bridge and use your bow to grapple to the small island to find the Rot.

Rot #13

From the same fast travel point, swim in the river towards the waterfalls. Look for a piece of land to the left of the Waterfalls to find the Rot.

Rusu Mountain Hats Locations

Hat #1

At the broken bridge, move right to see a path you can jump towards. Over here you’ll find a chest that contains the hat.

Hat #2

You get this hat when you find the Hat Store at Rusu’s Lookout. This is the Bow practice area.

Hat #3

This hat is earned as a reward for completing all 4 Archery Challenges.

Hat #4

In the Water area with all the gears, you get the Hat when you catch the Rot (Rot # 10) disguised as a flower.

Hat #5

Get to the 3rd Flower Shrine and jump up the ledge. Use the rots to repair the gears and then shoot the crystal to activate them. Use the Lift just around the corner and use the bow to shoot the flower to pull yourself to the other side. Here, look in the chest to get the Hat.

Hat #6

You get this Hat after you free and capture the Rot hiding inside the vegetable (Rot# 11)

Rusu Mountain Flower Shrines

Flower Shrine #1

To the left of the main path in the starting, use your Rot on the tear drop to destroy the vines and reveal it.

Flower Shrine #2

Look for this at Rusu’s Lookout, where you did bow training. You’ll need a tear drop for the shrine cleansing. You’ll see one on the path near the shrine on a tree. Shoot it down to collect it.

Flower Shrine #3

There’s a shallow lake with an owl statue. You need to shoot the crystal in the center of the statue. After doing so, use the Rots to destroy the corruption nearby. This reveals a hidden path to the shrine!

Rusu Mountain Spirit Mail

During the first climbing section, you will get the choice to either enter a cave or climb to the right. The cave is the main path, so naturally you will go to the right where the Spirit Mail will be at the end.

Rusu Mountain Cursed Chest

When you meet the kids at the bridge, don’t interact with them. Go to the right and find the Cursed Chest.

Meditation Spot

Once you’ve brought down the bridge with your bow, don’t go to Rusu’s place just yet. First, go right and grapple onto a ledge that will have the meditation spot. It’ll be shining blue so you can’t miss it!

These are all the collectibles in Rusu’s Mountain for 100% Completion.

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