Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Will Be A PS5 Exclusive According to Listing

Another Guerilla Games job listing points to Horizon Zero Dawn 2 being their next game as well as a PS5 exclusive. Read more...

The fact that there will be a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is more than just a rumor since everything related to Guerilla Games seems to be about this franchise. A new job listing points to Horizon Zero Dawn 2 being a PS5 only title. We expect as much.

Since there’s close to zero chance for the game to release in the next 6 months, it’s improbable for Horizon Zero Dawn 2 to be a Playstation 4 exclusive. Everything points to Playstation 5 being its main console. This is a scenario that seems highly likely at this point. Guerilla Games is aggressively hiring for their next game right now. Their latest listing points to a creature artist which fits the concept of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 perfectly.

However, the studio made an oopsie today, posting another job opening. This time it is for a Senior AI Programmer with the PS5 hashtag. The listing was quickly deleted but not before it was posted on Reddit. Although the news doesn’t come as a surprise, it does offer more information about the game. It reads:

“We’re looking for a Senior AI Programer, who can make a difference in the design and implementation of the sustems that make our NPCs come to life! #guerilla #ai #aiprogramming #playstation #ps5 #sony #amsterdam @iamsterdam #gameprogramming #programming”

If this listing is about Horizon Zero Dawn 2 on PS5, then we should expect NPCs to be less linear than its predecessor. Adding AI to game characters will prove useful in the path where games are going right now. Especially given the leap in hardware that consoles are about to receive.

We still don’t know if Guerilla Games is indeed working on Horizon Zero Dawn 2 or an entirely new IP for the PS5. For the time being, we should rest in the idea that the first game is releasing on PC so that more players will experience its incredible post-apocalyptic world.

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