Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Priorite Shard Locations and Map

Priorite Shards in Star Wars Jedi Survivor are the game money, and you can find it throughout different areas. Here's how to find em all.

The Priorite Shard in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is the game money, and you can find it throughout the Koboh. While Priorite shards aren’t exactly hidden, their massive glow allows players to notice them from a distance in the area they are looking for them.

In the following guide, we will tell you about some prime locations where there are high chances of finding them. Pinpoint the following places on the map to find all the Priorite Shards in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Coruscant Priorite Shard locations

You can find three Priorite Shards in the Renovation Site 4733 area.

There’s one more near the mediation point on the Rooftop in the coruscant region.

You can find one more in the Undercity Meats.

Go to the Hanger 2046-C to find two more Priorite Shards.

Dredger’s Gorge Priorite Shard locations

Gorge Crash Site

Set the Gorge Crash Site meditation as your beginning point and move to the area to find many droids; there’s a ledge on which a shard will be found in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Derelict Dam

There are multiple Shards here:

  • Reach the Dam and find a cave nearby to get the shard.
  • From the meditation point, move straight to the area where you will run. This is where you’ll find another shard.
  • From the meditation point, move towards the left side of the Dam, and fight a mando droid. Then head towards the fire pit to find a shard nearby.

Unlock the roller mines and destroy the barriers of the mine in the Region, go inside the mine once cleared, and get to its top to find another Priorite shard.

Winding Ravine

There are two shards in this area.

Reach to the Winding Ravine and get into the dark cave. Wall run in the dark cave to the right to obtain a shard.

In the Winding Ravine, find a rope and force-pull it. Swing in the opposite direction and land on top of a rock column, where you will get a shard.

Rambler’s Reach Priorite Shard locations

Rambler’s Ranch is the most Priorite-rich region of the Koboh. Following are the locations where you can find them:

Boiling Bluff

From the meditation point, ride a Nekko to climb to the back of a flat section of a wall above some pools, there you will find a shard in the mouth of a skull.

Use a Nekko to get to the edge of a singular pillar, then jump of the Nekko and wall-run on the right-hand wall. There you will find a shard in the bottom.

Flooded Bunker

First of all, get inside the Bunker, and head to the southernmost end of the southern reach, there you’ll find a shard being guarded by a droid with energy shields.

Harvest Ridge

First, get to the meditation point. Now fly toward the large rock on the right using a Reltor. There, you will find a shard when you climb up the wall.

Southern Reach

First of all, get to the meditation point. There you will find a ledge with the shard.

You’ll find another as you go down the waterfall. Find a rocky platform near the waterfall, climb on it, and get to the vines. Here is a nest; you’ll find a shard in Jedi Survivor.

From the meditation point and find a silo nearby. Climb to the silo roof, and here you’ll find another one.

From the meditation point, use the trail down to reach a warehouse. Find a shard inside.

Riverbed Watch

From the meditation point, get to the riverside, and fight a Scavenger Droid to receive a Priorite Shard in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

From the meditation point, you’ll find a building nearby with a raider’s outpost. Get inside it to find one more.

Hunter’s Quarry

Get to the vines by traveling to the Rambler’s Reach meditation point. There you will find the Priorite Shard in Jedi Survivor close to the tunnel of Sodden Grotto.

Another Priorite Shard is dropped by a Scavenger Droid in the Sodden Grotto region when you taunt it.

From the Rambler’s Reach meditation, move towards the vines and find a building in the valley. You will find a Priorite shard on a table inside the building.

Rambler’s Reach Outpost

From Rambler’s Reach meditation, find a gate with a skull over it. Knock it down, and it will drop you a shard.

Go to the Pyloon’s Saloon. Here in the toilet, you’ll find a shard.

Kill the Scavenger Bot roaming outside the stables to get a shard. Now, get on to the second floor of stables to get another shard.

There’s a building nearby; you can identify it because of its tower. There will be another shard inside it.

Swindler’s Wash

Visit the waterfall with a cave close by having a shard. But to get here, you must first travel to the meditation point. Here, get to the pillar, and you’ll find one more in the center.

Get to the pool on the opposite side of the Meditation Point. You will find the Shard in Star Wars Jedi Survivor under a ledge.

Untamed Downs

From the meditation point, visit the waterfall and look behind it to find a shard.

To find the next priorite shard, first, get to the Ramblers Reach meditation point. Get towards the vine and you will encounter the shard on the platform next to a Mogu.

Fort Kah’lin

From the meditation point, go to an area with a hatch. It will also be home to many droids. You’ll find the shard on top of this hatch.

Bygone Settlement

From the meditation point, get to the gate nearby and climb up, as there will be a lever. Nearby you’ll find a room; go inside to get a shard.

From the Region’s’ meditation point, go to the scrapyard area, and find a shard on a plant.

Basalt Forest Priorite Shard locations

Basalt Rift

Enter the Basalt Forest and slice through the stony pillars to make a way. Doing so will drop a shard for you. Reach up to the stream using the same way and you will find another shard on the ledge as you turn around.

Use the way again and go to the place where there is a Bilemaw. Drop to the point where you kill a Scavenger bot to find another shard in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Nekko Pools

From the Region’s’ meditation point, get inside the cave to find a shard.

Stone Spires Priorite Shards

Igneous Fissure

From the meditation point, turn around to walk past the beams and climb up forward using veins. Now look by the left side of the door for a shard.

From the meditation point, sprint into the cave until you find a large door. Now shard will be placed by the left side of the door.

The Sunken Lucrehulk Priorite Shards

Loading Gantry

You will find many shards in this area.

After reuniting with Bode, return to the unlocked door facing the green laser wall. You will find a shard on your right side by the edge.

Now, jump on the crates in the middle of the tar pit to reach the boat. There, you will find shards on top of the crates in the boat.

Pass the broken door from the meditation point and walk up the slanted platforms at the end. Behind the storage tanks, you will find shards.

You can also obtain a shard underneath this slanted area.

Lucrehulk Core

Jump on the platform on the left side of the bridge with two shielded turrets and you will find a shard placed by the floor.

Dash past the bridge with two shielded turrets and kill a Scavenger Droid for a shard.

Yurt Barracks

You. In the second part of the raider’s living quarter, move a little forward after defeating nearby raiders and choose the path on the right, and you’ll find a hidden shard on the left side.

From the meditation point, circle across the hut on your left. Now jump and climb the wall, and you will find a shard on the platform on your right.

Jump on the roof of shacks to reach the second level of the area, where you will find another shack.

Generator Underbelly

Across the first shortcut, you will find a shack on your left by the railing after crossing after crossing two scaffoldings.

You will find a dark section to your left, head to the end of that path for a shard.

Forward Control Tower

After the cutscene with Dagan Gera and Rayvis, turn around to the center wall, climb up, and head to the last wall, where you will find a shard.

Propector’s Folly Priorite Shards

Foothill Falls

Walking across the falls to the area, you will easily find your first shard here.

You will find a cave at the end of the path on your left side after using a Relter. Climb to the highest point of the cave using a shard for a sherd.

Mountain Ascent

Head to the right before the shortcut and jump across the end of the cave to find a shard at the end.

Reach the area where you have to fight two Bilemaws. Using a lift, slam on a nearby burrow, and a shard will appear.

Grapple up the nearby ledge in the same area and you will find a shard at the top.

Head to the left from the meditation point and jump towards the falls and the next platform, where you will find a shard.

Fogged Expanse

From the meditation point, move forward and follow the left path, where you will find a shard on the floor you need to use a lift on.

Head forward from the meditation point, get into the cave from the left, and after crossing the gap, you’ll find a shard by the skeleton.

Head towards the bridge after activating the charge to move the wall and grapple toward the platform, and you will find a shard dropped by the Scavenger Droid.

From the meditation point, look back and wall run to the small isolated area. You will see a shard in the downward direction that needs the Force lift.

You will find another shard along the 6 Koboh Spiker seeds near the outdoor elevator.

Find a small area to jump into after grabbing onto the balloon to find a shard.

After jumping from the balloon with 3 Koboh Spikers, you will find another shard.

Marl Cavern

After reaching the Marl Cavern using the wall-run platform, you will find a shard after dropping down from there.

Summit Ridge

You can find a shard here right in front of the meditation point beside the elevator.

There is another shard on the area where you can reach using force, pull, and push on a balloon.

What to do with the Priorite Shards

Priorite Shards will prove helpful as they can be spent on some fantastic makeup and other stuff of interest of Cal Kestis, such as the gear, and you can even customize it according to your preference. You can buy these things from the Doma shop near Typhoon Saloon in Koboh. This place also has a puzzling key in Stars Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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