Jak and Daxter 4 for PS4 Could be In Development, Concept Art Leaked

Last year, some leaked concept art for the cancelled Jak and Daxter 4 game rekindled our love for the 15 year old franchise, but Naughty Dog’s stance has not been too positive about Jak and Daxter 4 for PS4 so far.

They did say once in 2015 that such a possibility had not been completely ruled out, but stood short of giving us any considerable hopes.

However, this time a concept artist might have given away a solid proof that the game actually is coming.

Andrew Kim is a freelance artist who has worked on a number of big names in the movie and games industry like Ant Man, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America The Winter Soldier, God of War 3 and Uncharted 3.

Kim recently shared two concept arts for what appears to be Jak and Daxter 4 for PS4. Although he did not say what game these were for, the images are self explanatory. You can check them out above and below.

Also, Kim has mentioned that these are concepts “for [an] unannounced project.”

Jak and daxter 4 for PS4

Since these are definitely for the next Jak and Daxter game, it would be foolish not to consider the possibility that Naughty Dog has really done what they said they might. Back in September, the studios’ Community Strategist, Eric Monacelli, had said that after Uncharted 4 they might start working on Jak and Daxter 4 for PS4.

Now that is near completion, they might already be tapping into the artists.

We will be trying to discuss this with Naughty Dog ourselves and see if they can add something to the news. Do check back with us for that later.

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