It Takes Two The Snow Globe Walkthrough

In this walkthrough, we’ll be taking you through the chapter called ‘The Snow Globe’ in It Takes Two, step by step, solving all the puzzles along the way.

Snow Globe is the fifth chapter in It Takes Two. It involves several different objectives as Cody and May make their way through a frozen village, a candy factory, and a lighthouse.

In this guide, we’ll be going over how you can complete the Snow Globe level in It Takes Two through a step-by-step process. Additionally, we’ll also be going over achievements of this level and mini-games.

Find the Cabin / Warming Up

In this chapter’s first cutscene, Cody and May will each be given part of a magnet as the Book of Love thinks that they’ve lost their attraction to each other.

You’ll be using this magnet pretty much everywhere in this chapter. All you need to know is that the same colors repel while different colors attract.

After the cutscene ends, slide down towards the gate and use May’s blue magnet to open it up and have Cody go through. Once Cody’s on the other side, use his magnet to repel the gate away from him, allowing May to pass through as well.

Now, have Cody stand on top of the wooden swing and have May repel it with her magnet. Once Cody’s on the other side, have May stand on the swing and use Cody’s magnet to attract it toward him.

Rotate the wooden log until Cody’s able to swing from it to the other side and then do it again for May. Pull the bridge down using Cody’s magnet and have May cross it; then have May repel the bridge from the other side for Cody.

Use your magnets to chop down the tree using the saw and then use it to cross the river. Use your magnets to get to the platform in front of you and then stand on top of the magnets and use the same-colored magnets to launch yourselves up.

Slide your way down to the train tracks and then pull the rail cart towards you. Pull down the launcher on the cart and have May stand on it. This will launch May to the other side.

As for Cody, have him stand on the red magnet and use his magnet to get him on the platform above. Use May’s magnet to repel the logs towards Cody and then have Cody stand on them so he can cross the river.

Attach Cody and May to the magnets on the gears to get inside. Once inside, jump on top of the gear that you were attached to. Use the magnets to launch yourself towards the circular window and then go through it.

Cross the bridge and use Cody’s magnet to get him into the next building. Then, use his magnet again to rotate the magnet, so May can get in there as well.

Now, use the same magnet to launch yourself onto the floor above. Pull down the gate, go through, and then use the hooks to swing onto the roof of the house ahead.

Use the hook at the end to reach the magnet ahead. From here, use the magnet on your right to work your way up the mountain until you reach the bridge that leads to the cabin.

To solve the bridge puzzle, pull the first bridge towards May using her magnet and then have Cody pull the second bridge to connect them. Once you do this, a cutscene will play, showing Cody and May walking into the cabin.

Ring the Bells / Frozen Village

After the cutscene is over, skate your way down the frozen river. Once you reach the gate at the end of the tunnel, open it up and another cutscene will play.

Your objective now is to break all the ice in the winter village by ringing the bells around the town. There is a total of four bells, apart from the first one, they can be rung in any order.

Bell Tower #1

Pull on the cart that’s near the bell using May’s magnet to uncover another magnet. Launch May up using this magnet and then have Cody pull on the cart again to move the rock up and down, allowing May to climb the building.

Once you reach the top, ring the bell to break the ice. Open up the gate and make your way inside.

Bell Tower #2

Start sliding down the roofs of the houses until you find the big wheel. Use Cody’s magnet to turn the gear below the wheel and have May attach herself to the wheel. This will turn the wheel, allowing May to get up to the platform above.

You can then pull on the gear above to turn the wheel once again so Cody can join May. Use May’s magnet to pull down the elevator and then have Cody go up and ring the bell.

Bell Tower #3

Now, go to the crane that’s in the center of town and rotate it until the wooden board attached to the crane is facing the tower.

Have Cody bounce off of it to get on top of the crane and use the magnet to get on top of the house to ring the bell.

Bell Tower #4

Make your way to the next bell. You’ll see a cannon next to it. This cannon will shoot a red magnet wherever you aim it.

Get May to go to the red magnet near the cannon and then have Cody shoot more red magnets near it so May can make her way forward and ring the bell.

Beneath the Ice / Restore Power to the Candy Factory

After ringing the bell, head towards the Gondola Lift and spin the wheel inside to start moving. The lift will drop you off at a party. Run down to the gate that has the ‘Speed’ sign above it and get ready for a bobsled race.

After you finish the race, dive into the pool of water. Swim towards the strange machine and pull on the levers to open it up.

Once you do that, a cutscene will play where you’ll be given your next objective; which is to repair the Candy Factory. Here, you have to restore power to three generators, which can be attempted in any order. The pipes leading to the generators are found underwater

Generator #1

Swim down to the dark area below and grab the wrench using your magnets. Use the wrench to tighten the screws and fix the leaks. As you’re doing this, there will be a big Angler fish swimming around, so you’ll have to be very careful.

Once you’ve tightened all three screws, the first generator of the Candy Factory will be back up and running.

Generator #2

Now, follow the second pipe up to the surface and then slide down it to get to the next area. Open up the large pipe leading into the dome using May’s magnet (pull the red key up) and have Cody go through.

Once Cody is inside have May swim to the other side and rotate the bridge until the path to the other side forms. From there, simply have Cody proceed forward and jump down on the candy to activate the generator.

Generator #3

Follow the third pipe to the gate adorned with octopus tentacles, open it up using the levers, and then follow the path until you reach an ice cave. The way to the cave is littered with spinning turbines that can hurt you. Once you’re in the ice cave, use the various hooks, magnets, and water pillars to get to the generator.

Now, use both Cody and May to to rotate the wheel (in alternating moves) to start up the final generator. Return to the Candy Factory and spin the wheel in the middle. After that, go up the stairs to the top of the lighthouse and push the buttons to start up the lighthouse.

Reach the Top of The Mountain / Slippery Slopes

After you light up the lighthouse, a cutscene will play, showing Cody and May taking the ski lift to the top of the mountain. Once the cutscene ends, they’ll engage in a quick race for fun.

When going up, you may experience a glitch where Cody may get stuck. To remedy this bug, simply switch between a local and an online session until you’re able to progress part this point.

Once you reach the ice cavern, smash the ice on the ground directly in front of you using Cody and have May pull the icy platform to it. Once Cody is on top, use May to push it ahead until Cody can access the grapple points.

Swing across and break the ice on the platform so May can join you. Continue forward and make use of the rail to make your way to the next area. Use the blue magnet to get May on top of the platform as Cody swings on the swing below. As May, you’ll have to use your magnet to pull Cody’s swing to its very edge.

Once you do, make your way to the very edge of the platform and pull the anchor point/swing to let Cody proceed forward. Once Cody is on the next anchor point, use your magnet to get him across.

Continue your race until you reach a cabin at the very end. Open it using your magnets after which you’ll be greeted with another cutscene that’ll throw you into yet another race. The race will continue until May and Cody fall into a hole, where the Book of Love informs them that their bond has grown much stronger.

Use this mechanic to make your way forward. When you’re right before the final platform that leads you outside, you won’t be able to jump to it by yourself.

Have Cody and May stand on the platforms on either side of this one and have one of them pull the other one so that they land on this platform.

When one of them successfully lands on the platform, pull the other one to them and proceed forward.

As you’re going up the mountain, the wind will get aggressive. You’ll have to hold on to the signs and wait for it to end before you can continue. Once you’re near the top of the mountain, have Cody and May stand on either side and pull them towards each other so that they can get to the area in the middle.

Once you do that, a cutscene will play and then ‘The Snow Globe’ chapter of It Takes Two will be completed.

It Takes Two Snow Globe Mini-Games

Like all other levels in It Takes Two, the Snow Globe levels feature a couple of optional mini-games littered throughout the level. While they aren’t pivotal to completing the level, they do offer more in the way of variety and gameplay.

Icicle Throwing

Icicle Throwing becomes available after you destroy the ice off the third Bell Tower. Once you do, make your way to the main square. To complete this game both Cody and May simply need to shoot Icicles at the booth. The player with the highest points at the end of the timer wins.

Shuffle Board

The second mini-game, Shuffle Board becomes available after you ring the second bell. It is found in the main town area right by the Ferris wheel. To complete this mini-game simply launch the hockey puck as far as you can. The player that throws it the farthest wins. Both players need to pull the levers at the opposite ends to begin this mini-game.

Snow Warfare

This mini-game becomes available after you ring the fourth bell. Once you fire the cannon, a couple of birds will appear, grapple onto them and they’ll whisk you away to a new location, this is where the game is located. Stand on the color-coded platforms and shoot each other. The player with the highest score wins.

Ice Race

The fourth and final mini-game in Snow Globe becomes available once you power up all three candy factory generators. Make sure to go back to the surface using the third pipe to locate it. Simply make your way to the starting line to begin the race. The player who finishes first, wins.

It Takes Two Snow Globe Achievements/Trophies

There are four trophies/achievements to pick up in the Snow Globe level of It Takes Two, they’re littered throughout the level and can be easy to miss.

Lost and Found

This achievement can be picked up in the Winter Village section of the level and you need to reunite a mother turtle with her four children to be able to do so. The first turtle can be found near one of the lodges where you find a couple of ice-skating individuals. The second and third turtles can be found under the stone bridge right across from the central area. The fourth turtle can be picked up from the main ice-skating area in the center of the village.

Mood Swing

Towards the right of Bell Tower #3, you’ll be able to spot a swing set on top of a building. There will be a frozen villager on the swing. Swing the swing set until they fly off to unlock this achievement.

Something Fishy

In the Beneath the Ice section of the level, you’ll find a boat with a harpoon on it. use it to catch a fish to unlock this achievement. The boat is found near the Ice Race minigame.

Terror of the Seven Seas

When making your way to the second generator, you’ll come across a pirate ship. Board it and make your way to the deck. Open the chest near the steering wheel to unlock the Terror of the Seven Seas trophy/achievement.