It Takes Two The Attic Walkthrough

In this It Takes Two The Attic Walkthrough, we will take you through the whole chapter 7, The Attic, and will try to make this Chapter easier for you. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

It Takes Two The Attic

Chapter 7, The Attic, starts off with a cutscene featuring The Book of Love, May, and Cody. Basically, you have to find speakers, lights, and mics.

After the cutscene, May and Cody will find themselves in the Attic. Go towards the speakers. You can go there by either jumping over the files or by jumping through boxes.

Either way, there will be a lever between the two speakers. Make both of them jump and near the lever and make them hang with the lever handle. Now, pull the lever down.

That will trigger a cutscene and you will find yourself backstage.

After the cutscene, take Cody and May towards the swing by jumping over the flat surfaces. Have Cody cut the ropes holding the cassette and use May’s Scream to push the cassette down on the ground. Keep following the path, and you will hit a dead end.

Now, have May Sing and that will open the door for both of you.

Make your way through the boxes and use the CDs to make your way through the other side of the boxes.

Make your way through by jumping over the boxes until you find a speaker and a mic. Have Cody stand on the speaker with his face towards the swing and have May scream towards the mic.

That will launch Cody towards the swing. Now move May on top of the speaker and scream at the mic and May will also launch towards the swing.

Now make your way through the boxes until you find another mic and speaker. Have both of them stand on speaker and make may scream at the mic and both of them will get launched towards the hanging speakers.

Quickly, have May scream at the next mic and that will launch both of them towards the Jukebox. While in the air, have Cody hit the Orange button and that will open a flat surface for you.

You will see a few coins. Push those coins in the opening below the red button, and a cutscene will get triggered.

Make your way through the CDs and other circular structures with the help of the ropes until you find a door. Go through that door until you see a mic. Have May stand near the mic and Cody right in front of the mic over the door.

Now have May scream and that will open the door and Cody will fall inside. Make Cody stand on the speaker and make May scream. Cody will get launched and will see a speaker with the antenna connected to the mic on which May is screaming.

Now have Cody carry the speaker over the board and have May scream constantly to destroy the board. After that, have Cody carry that speaker on the red spot in front of the next mic.

Now make Cody push the button up and when it is up, have May scream into the mic and that triggers a cutscene. You have earned the speakers.

Now, use Cody’s shield to block the laser and then pass. You will see 4 mics, each labeled with letters A, B, C or D.

Have May stand in the center of all 4 mics and have Cody jump on the Launchpad with letters A, B, C, and D where each letter will point towards all four directions.

You have to move that Launchpad with the help of the labeled mics. Have May scream into mic D to move the Launchpad forward. Then, have May scream into Mic A to move the Launchpad to the right side.

You have to use the shield to block the laser. Now scream into the mic D to move it forward. Now scream into mic C to move the Launchpad left until you reach a box at the same height as your Launchpad.

Follow the orange-colored bunch of wires until you see a torn piece of it. Cut off that wire and that will open a new pathway for you on the right side. Keep moving and you will find another lever. Have both of them jump and hang onto the lever and pull it down.

Now you have to look for a Cassette Player. Cassette Player will be near the Piano and the Bass Guitar.

Make your way through the drums by jumping on them. You can also use hi-hat cymbal to your advantage. Stand on it and sing and it will move upwards, helping you to reach higher.

Once you have found the Cassette Player. Play the Cassette Player by making them stand on top of the cassettes and then hitting the yellow button with Cody. That will launch both of them up and into the Pillar Truss Stand and a cutscene will trigger.

Music Recorder
After the cutscene, May have asked for a lift from Cody. You will see two Knobs, red and blue. If we rotate the red knob, tapes with the red paddle will rotate. Similarly, blue will rotate the tapes with the blue paddle.

Rotating knobs clockwise will rotate the tapes clockwise and vice versa. First, rotate the red knob to move the red paddle near May.

Have May jump onto the red paddle. Now move both red and blue knobs in such a way that May will be able to climb up by jumping onto paddles. While on your way, make sure to avoid getting hit by the electric current.

Make your way up into the Volume Monitor.

Volume Monitor
Once inside the Volume Monitor, you will see bars of 3 colors, red, blue, and green. You have to make your way through to the green bar at the opposite end of the monitor.

Grey dots will kill you, and you have to avoid them. Have Cody rotate the Knobs in such a way that it helps May move to her destination. Also, avoid falling into grey dots.

Once you have reached the opposite green bar, a small cutscene will be triggered.

Wood Piece
After the cutscene, May will be on top of a Wooden piece hanging with a rope. With that piece, 4 metals bars are also hanging, making it kind of a weighing scale.

It means if May moves left, the right side of the wood piece will go up and eventually, the metal bar on the right side also moves up.  If May moves right, the left side of the Wood piece moves up and the metal bars also move up as well.

Move May to the left first and meanwhile have Cody make his way through the metal bars and onto the box using the above defined phenomenon. Now, you will see a lever right next to the Recording Sign. Pull that lever down.

Now, you will find yourself inside a mic. Head inside and you will see a microphone inside. Have May sing and that will destroy that mic.

Keep moving forward until you see another mic that can eat you as well. Again, have May sing and that mic will also get destroyed.

Climb up by jumping on the opposing walls and make your way up. You will see another moving mic that can eat you as well.

Have May sing to destroy that mic as well and keep moving forward. You will see an elevated platform in front of you. Jump onto it and hit the yellow button on top with Cody’s Shield.

That will move the platform. Hit it again to move the platform right in front of the mic. That mic can eat you as well.

Have May sing to destroy this mic as well. Move forward and destroy the glass screen by having May sing. Roll down and jump over the booby trap and keep moving forward.

You will see a red-colored platform and a yellow button. Jump onto the platform and hit the yellow button with Cody’s Shield. That will elevate the platform.

You will encounter another mic wanting to eat you. Have May sing to destroy this mic as well. Keep moving forward.

Now you will encounter 4 mics with 2 mics on each side, wanting to eat you. You can either avoid these mics by running, jumping, etc., and get to the other side or you can have May sing to destroy these mics.

Move forward and you will see a lot of mics. You will see a wire. Hop onto it and slide your way through the mics and you will reach a platform.

From that platform, use your rope and the wire hanging on top to jump on the wire on the next platform and from there, slide your way through the mics until you reach a drum plate.

Jump on it to reach the next platform, where another mic will be waiting for you. Have May destroy it by singing and pull down the red lever, triggering a small cutscene.

Now you will be chased by a Boss Mic, that will be like a snake. You have to keep moving forward on the flat surface and survive. When the flat surface breaks, you have to use your ropes to attach yourselves with the Boss Mic and then jump onto the next flat surface.

Keep moving forward and take a left turn when you see cables inside the Pillar Truss Stand. Keep moving forward while the Boss Mic rolls itself around the Pillar Truss Stand.

When the stand breaks, use your rope, attach it with the wire nearby, and then jump on the inclined stand and slide your way down until a small cutscene gets triggered.

After the cutscene, close the gate with both May and Cody and that will kill the Boss Mic. Another cutscene will be triggered in which Book of Love will reward you with Mics.

Recording Room
After the cutscene, you will see 3 Launchpads; purple, yellow, and blue. A red Play button will be attached with the launchpads through wires. You have to jump on all 3 Launchpads to fill all three wires with their respective light.

Once all 3 wires are completely lit, jump on the red Play button, and a door will open. Keep moving forward until you see a lever. Pull that lever down in the same way as you did with the other levers.

As you pull the lever down, you will find May controlling the Spotlight while Cody will move forward. May has to keep the Spotlight on Cody all the time.

Keep moving forward until you see an orange-colored switch on the side. Jump on that switch and then jump back to your original platform and keep moving forward.

When you reach a dead-end, move the red Spotlight on the Orange Switch, and move forward under green Spotlight. Wherever you see an orange switch, you need to put Spotlight on it to charge it, and that will open the way for you.

When you see a light switch, pull that down, and a cutscene will be triggered. You have earned lights.

After the cutscene, move and look out for a flute, which will be inside the Piano. Have Cody stand on the last hole of the flute and Have May sing into the flute. That will launch Cody up.

Have Cody use his ropes to move forward and cut down the rope in front of him. That will make way for May. You will see a door nearby. Scream your way through it.

You will encounter an Accordion. The accordion will be playing and creating a blast that can kill you. You have to go all the way back of the accordion. To do that, Have Cody use his shield against the blasts while keeping behind Cody.

When you reach the back of the accordion, climb up. You will see two Trombones. Have May sing into both of them, and that will open a path for you to cross.

There you will see two papers. Have both of them slide their way up and then jump to hand with the hook in front. Then jump to hang with the hook in front, and a cutscene will get triggered.

Saving Orchestra
After the cutscene, you will have Jetpacks and you have to fly into all the bubbles around you and save the Orchestra.

Once you are done with the bubbles, go to one of the domes and open the door. You will find the Orchestra trapped and the devils as well.

After the cutscene, you have to eliminate the devils and once you get two keys, use these keys to open the lock of the dome where the Orchestra is being held.

After the cutscene, go into the other big dome and save the other part of the Orchestra. Once you enter the Big Dome, hit all the clouds to clear out the snow below.

On the ground, you will see a door in the ground. Open them, and devils will come out. Eliminate them to get the keys of the lock. Save the other half of the Orchestra and head back to the stage and have both of them stand in the Spotlight.

After the cutscene, go down the path and a cutscene will get triggered. After the cutscene, keep moving forward by sliding or running, whatever is feasible and use ropes wherever necessary.

If you find a dead-end, Have May scream to make way for you. After the dead-end, jump your way through until you reach a disco ball.

You have to jump and slam on the disco ball near the hook. The hook will break, and the disco ball will start moving forward and rotating. You have to keep up with the disco ball’s rotation and move against its movement.

Avoid falling inside the holes of the disco ball. The ball will continue to roll for a few minutes, and then the disco ball will break, and you will find yourself on a flat surface.

Move forward and step on the blue plate. The blue plate will move you up among the audience, and a cutscene will get triggered.

Become the DJ
After the cutscene, you have to DJ and attract the audience. Use the audio mixer to make some beats and spray fog on the stage. After that, jump on the pink platform.

Now, you have to show precision and accuracy and time your clicks according to the button showing on the screens. Once the button is inside the circle, only then press that button from your console.

Some audience will come back after a few seconds. After that, use Audio Mixer to heat up the mood of the audience and then again jump on the platform and do the same thing again.

After a few seconds, a cutscene will get triggered and after the cutscene, you will find yourself skating inside the audio cable on a hoverboard. While inside, avoid the red color lasers. Keep going forward until a cutscene gets triggered.

May’s Performance
After the cutscene, move forward with both May and Cody and have Cody turn on the lights that will trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, move forward with May and get on the stage.

As May gets on the stage, a cutscene will appear and that will be the last cutscene of Chapter 7, The Attic, and that will conclude this Chapter.

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