It Takes Two Minigames Locations Guide

In this, It Takes Two: Mini Games' Locations guide, we'll be showing you where to discover all of the fun minigames to partake in.

As you work your way through the world of ‘It Takes Two,’ you’ll find yourself coming across various fun activities for both Max and Cody to partake in. One of these are the fun little mini-games you can find in between the levels. In this, It Takes Two Minigames Locations guide, we’ll be showing you where to discover all of them.

It Takes Two Minigames

Different mini-games can be found across the various levels of It Takes Two and are basically the game’s version of collectibles.

The Shed Minigames

You can find it after you come across ‘The Depths of the Shed.’ You’ll notice it once Dr. Hakim introduces you to the minigame.

The rules are pretty simplistic. Cody pops out from either side of the box using the L-Stick while May will aim and hit with RT/R2 hoping to get one hit in. Cody gets one point for every half-second he remains up and May gets one for hitting him. Whoever fills their bar up first, wins it all.

Flip the Switch
You can find Flip the Switch right after the Whack-a-Cody minigame. After solving the puzzle, go to the right and follow the path to find a tambourine above the circle.

To start, stand on the platform with the yellow circle and have May hit the other yellow circle right in front. This will propel Cody in the air and thus start the mini-game.

May has to hit all of the targets with her hammer to score points, while Cody must shoot the targets using a nail. Whoever fills the bar up first wins.

The Tree

Tug of War
Once you climb up the cliff in The Tree level, you’ll find a soccer ball. To the left will be a tambourine for the Tug of War minigame. If you want to start the minigame, Cody and May both must grab opposite ends of the rope and press Y/Triangle.

Whichever person is able to tap faster will win. Losing will see you fall into a hole, and the other person gets the reward of embarrassing you.

Plunger Dunger
This specific little minigame involving a plunger can be found towards the end of the level. There’ll be the Plunger Dunger tambourine near the circular railings in between.

Both of you will need to interact with a gun on both sides. You can aim at each other with the right stick and shoot by pressing RT/R2 (Shots are chargeable as well).

When your opponent starts coming towards you, shoot. This will cause them to be pushed back. You will get a point every time the target makes it to the opponent’s side. The person with the most points at the end of the 60-second timeline wins.

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