Is Yoda Coming to Star Wars Battlefront?

A rumour is gaining strength that Yoda could be making an appearance in Star Wars Battlefront. Could he feature in some of the DLC coming to the game?

When looking to get hints about upcoming DLC for games there are many sites around the internet that can leak little details. It appears that the Internet Movie Database may be one of them.

If you visit the Star Wars Battlefront page you’ll see that Tom Kane is listed there, not only as Admiral Ackbar but as Yoda as well. It appears that fans are taking it that this could be confirmation that Yoda is coming to the game.

What we have to remember with cast listing like this is that they are not a confirmation as to the character being a big part in the game, if at all. I’m sure we’d all love for him to be a Hero to take into the battle, but we’ll only know he’ll be appearing when DICE and EA decide to reveal it.

Yoda is a fan favourite character so it does make sense for him to appear in the game in some form. There are also plenty of other characters that could come to the game too. Obviously with The Force Awakens just around the corner there will be many hoping to see new characters from that movie make an appearance. This would be harder to combine with the timeline of Battlefront though.

Whether Yoda is going to make an appearance or not, it is still interesting to see hints that it could be a possibility. We’ll have to wait for an announcement to see what comes of this rumour, and whether we’ll see the Jedi make an appearance.

Would you like to see Yoda in Star Wars Battlefront? Let us know your thoughts below.

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