Epic’s Tim Sweeney Caught With His Pants Down Lying About Steam’s Revenue Generation?

Tim Sweeny is spreading deceptive propoganda against Valve's Steam platform. The man behind Epic Games Store is lying about revenue generation at Steam.

Epic Game Store’s Tim Sweeney made a recent allegation regarding how Valve makes more and developers make less money from games sold on Steam. Is this actually true though? A Twitter user by the name of Mortiel analyzed the statement and posted the findings online, effectively exposing Tim Sweeny’s propaganda.

He specifically points out and accuses Tim Sweeney of “deceptive propaganda.” He also addressed Sweeney’s underhanded method of competition which is to steal exclusives for Epic Games Store by bribing game making studios and profiting as much as possible within the 6 months of launch.

Couple this with the fact that Valve lets indie developers have all the profits after a $100 fee makes you realize that it’s not the developers who have issues, it’s the money, hungry AAA publishers.

We have regretfully defended Sweeney in the past regarding spyware accusations.

Another part of sugar coating in his message besides the blatant lying of caring about the consumer is the way he talks about developers. Developers aren’t the ones profiting off these Epic exclusive deals as much as the publishers themselves. You can take their own word for it over ours.

It’s mainly the publishers and companies behind these development teams that are actually making the big bucks. In most cases, the deals are even kept from the developers themselves in prime examples of miscommunication.

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