Leaked Intel Roadmap Hints At Coffee Lake R For 2019, 10nm Ice Lake Delayed To 2020

Intel has been having issues with the 10nm process, that is no secret and the chips that are going to come out this year, as well as the first half of 2019, will be based on the 14nm process for sure. Intel assured that the 10nm Ice Lake chips will be out in the second half of 2019 but a new leaked Intel roadmap shows that the Ice Lake chips have been removed and replaced with Intel Coffee Lake R CPUs instead.

This means that the Intel 10nm process might be delayed to 2020. The process has been delayed time and time again and it would not be surprising if it was delayed yet again. Having that said, Intel is not only having issues with the 10nm process but with the production of 14nm chips as well.

Keeping in mind that the current generation of CPU use this process, which includes CPUs used not only by consumers but for the server market as well. Now the upcoming chips are going to use the same process so you can expect that there will be a shortage when it comes to yield and supply. You can check out the Intel roadmap below:

Intel Coffee Lake R

There is little that we know about the upcoming Intel Coffee Lake R CPUs but if the name is anything to go by then these upcoming chips will offer small improvements over the current Intel chips that we have on the market.

It is worth mentioning that these internal roadmaps often change and it is possible that the Ice Lake comes back on track in the near future but if Intel Coffee Lake R is going to come out next year then that certainly means that Ice Lake has been delayed and that other chips based on the 10nm process will come out in 2020 instead of 2019, as promised.

Let us know what you think about all this and whether or not you think Intel Coffee Lake R will replace Ice Lake in the roadmap for 2019.

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