Intel Patents Modular Notebook With Foldable Dual Screens

Intel Corporation often works on prototypes to provide an early glimpse into what the coming age of computers might look like. Despite leading a global ecosystem of devices that are powered by its chips, the multinational conglomerate has prototyped all sorts of technologies in the past to drive interest into what else can be powered by Intel in the future.

On those same grounds, Intel has been discovered to have recently been granted a patent for a computer notebook with dual screens. The said patent filing contains no abstract or description. The attached images though showcase a modular and foldable Intel notebook like the Microsoft Surface.

Strangely enough, the patented design takes from a traditional book and the dual screens apparently have no hinges or similar assembly between them. Intel made the filing under the computer-notebook category. The schematics though appear to be more on the lines of a dual-screen tablet.

It needs to be reminded that Intel has previewed such a prototype in the past. Tiger Rapids was a dual-screened notebook that was shown to the public a couple of years ago. The concept paired a regular LCD panel on one side with an e-paper display on the other. It also needs to be said that Lenovo was prototyping similar ideas even before Intel back in early 2017.

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