Injustice 2 Sub-Zero Guide – Combos, Moves, Special Moves and More

Injustice 2 Sub-Zero Guide to help learn all you need to know about playing as Sub-Zero along with his combos, weaknesses, counters, & more.

Sub-Zero brings his own unique set of abilities to the world of Injustice 2, and we have got you covered on his every move. Unlike some of the other characters, Sub-Zero’s learning curve is a little steep. However, with this guide, you will have no problems learning all the combos and moves.

In the world of Mortal Kombat, Sub-Zero, and Scorpion have been at each other’s neck for as long as the series has been out. In Injustice 2, they bring their fight into the world of DC Superheroes and Villains. Take on the rivalry between two infamous warriors from the MK universe and show everyone how formidable you can be. Sub-Zero is only available to all players who bought the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game or you can purchase it separately as part of Fighter Pack 1.

Injustice 2 Sub-Zero Combos and Move List

CombosPS4Xbox One
Chinese Ninja WarriorSquare, SquareX, X
HailstoneSquare, Square, SquareX, X, X
Ice StrikeSquare, Square, TriangleX, X, Y
PermafrostSquare, Square, XX, X, A
Icy DeathSquare, TriangleX, Y
TundraSquare, Triangle, XX, Y, A
Ices UpBack + Square, SquareBack + X, X
Cold BloodedTriangle, TriangleY, Y
SnowfallTriangle, Triangle, XY, Y, A
Below FreezingBack  + Triangle, XBack + Y, A
Chill OutBack  + Triangle, X, XBack + Y, A, A
Killing BlowX, XA, A
Special Moves Some Special moves can be obtained via leveling up and replaced with current Special moves in the slots
Ice BurstDown, Back, SquareDown, Back, X
Polar PunctureDown, Back, Forward, SquareDown, Back, Forward, X
Ice BallDown, Forward, TriangleDown, Forward, Y
(Air) Frost HammerDown, Back, TriangleDown, Back, Y
SlideBack, Forward, XBack, Forward, A
Barrier of Frost (Replaces Ice Burst)Down, Back, SquareDown, Back, X
Ice PortDown, Forward, XDown, Forward, A
Hammer Slam (Replaces Frost Hammer)Down, Back, TriangleDown, Back, Y
Frozen AuraCircleB
Klone Charge (Replaces Slide)Back, Forward, XBack, Forward, A
Air Klone Kick (Replaces Ice Burst)Down, Back, SquareDown, Back, X
Ground Freeze (Replaces Frost Hammer)Down, Back, TriangleDown, Back, Y

Sub-Zero’s Character Power

Sub-Zero’s Character Power is called Cryomancer. It allows him to create an ice clone of himself. It can either be destroyed, thrown, or used as a shield. It is one of the fastest charging character powers in the game, so it can be used easily whenever you want it without the worry of long charging times.

It is an excellent way to zone aggressive enemies such as Bane or Atrocitus, who like to close the gap with their enemies. As soon as they touch the clone, they will freeze in place for a second, and then the player can jump in to deal some damage.

Try to predict the movement of your enemies and then use it at the right time to make the most out of this Character Power. You can place ice clones both on the ground as well as the air so it is also useful against enemies like Batman who glide down.

The meter-burned version creates another clone behind the first, adding another layer between you and the enemy fighter. It is good for getting a little breathing room in tougher fights.

Unlock Sub-Zero Gear and Skins

Sub Zero is among the characters that have been added as part of the DLC in Injustice 2. And like every other character, he has also been given gear sets that can be equipped on Sub-Zero to get passive boosts. It is to be noted that, like every other gear, Sub-Zero’s gear pieces are attainable only through mother boxes, which spawn gear at random (Unlike Mortal Kombat 11).

Here is a list of all the available gear sets for Sub-Zero

  • Exalted Grandmaster (5 pieces)
  • Winter Demon (4 pieces)
  • Mythologies (3 pieces)
  • Peerless Cryomancer (2 pieces)

Tips and Strategy to Play Sub-Zero in Injustice 2

Sub-Zero is a great character of choice if you wish to go for close-quarter combat. Excelling in hand-to-hand combat and weapon manipulation via Ice, if you can corner your opponent to any side, it’s practically game over for them. Utilize his Ice Balls to freeze the opponent and bash them with combos. Be wary of long-range opponents as they will try to keep their distance. A timely Ice Ball may just do the trick.

Sub-Zero does not depend on juggles and long combos to succeed. It is very forgiving as compared to characters like Red Hood or Catwoman. His most powerful ability is freezing the enemies in place, which gives him some time to grab, ultimate, or begin a combo. Moves like Ice Ball and Polar Puncture both freeze foes if they’re meter burned, while Ice Burt and Frost Hammer knock foes away when meter burned.

Sub-Zero has very powerful meter burns. They are all set to begin or continue a combo or even gain some space if you are in a tight situation. However, his special abilities are best without meter burnt and they are great ways to finish combos. Moves like Icy Death and Cold-Bloodied are great to combo into his Ice Burst or Ice Ball.

Another great move is Sub-Zero’s slide. It can be Special Move Cancelled into. This allows players to chase after opponents who are applying pressure. Slide distance is a good amount and it is a good way to close the distance between you and your enemy. Moves like Chill Out and Tundra knock foes away, so try sliding after them as soon as you finish this basic combo. Another solid combo is wall bouncing your foe and then catching them with either a meter-burned Ice Ball or Chill Out.

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