Infinite Warfare Zombies: Shaolin Shuffle Fighting Styles Guide

Beat zombies with these kung Fu fighting styles in Shaolin Shuffle!

Shaolin Shuffle, the latest Call of Duty Infinite Warfare co-op map as part of the Continuum DLC sends the players to 1970s New York in the hunt for the villain Willard Wyler. The DLC is filled with over-the-top kung-fu action and craziness for Call of Duty and kung-fu fans.

What good is a Kung Fu-based mode without giving players the option to learn and master various fighting styles? That is where the Shaolin Shuffle elemental fighting styles come in.

Players can add these fighting styles, themed after the four animals; Dragon, Crane, Snake, and Tiger, to their arsenal and use them in their fight against the zombies.

This guide will help players learn all the fighting styles in Shaolin Shuffle and upgrade them for better performance in their gameplay.

How to unlock all Kung Fu fighting styles in Shaolin Shuffle

To learn each Infinite Warfare kung fu fighting style, players need to enter the Black Cat Dojo and talk to Sensei Pam Grier, a guest star in the DLC.

After talking to the sensei, players will have the option to choose a fighting style by drinking from the four Chi Power gourd bottles next to the pillars. The colors of the bottles correspond to which animal and fighting style they represent:

  • Yellow for Dragon style
  • Green for Snake style
  • Red for Tiger style
  • Blue for Crane style

To use a fighting style, press right on your controller’s d-pad. By doing so, your character will enter the stance related to the fighting style you chose.

Once players start training a specific style, they will need to constantly refill their Chi Power by drinking again from the gourds as each gourd refills the power meter which lasts one round of training. Once players have learned a fighting style, they can use it during combat although it disables all weapons.


During a specific Kung Fu stance, players are unable to use any other weapons so they should be careful as to what encounter they want to kung fu their way through.

How to upgrade Shaolin Shuffle Kung Fu fighting styles

Each fighting style is upgraded in the same way, with players performing the same challenges for each new style.

Once players fully upgrade a Kung Fu style, they will have access to that stance’s Super Move which can be unleashed during combat. Each super move is different depending on the Kung Fu style players are currently using:

  • Dragon: forms a huge circling dragon around the player that kills nearby enemies
  • Crane: an incredibly fast horizontal kick through the air
  • Snake: similar to Crane but forward-chop attack with hands instead of feet
  • Tiger: jumps in the air and lands on the ground with a smash attack for massive area damage

The first challenge to upgrade a Shaolin Shuffle Kung Fu style requires players to perform 15 Melee Kills using the fighting stance they want to upgrade.

The second challenge can take some time as players will need to get 25 Shuriken Kills while in the fighting stance. Since this can be time-consuming and challenging, players should carefully note their progress to see if they are killing the zombies or not.

The third and final challenge requires players to use their Chi Power to get 50 kills. Each animal has a different Chi Power which can be devastating if used correctly.

The Dragon stance allows players to shoot flames from the ground, Crane freezes zombies in place while Snake summons a skeleton companion which fights the zombies alongside the players. The Tiger stance is probably the most ‘out of place’ one since it deploys a gravity grenade that sucks zombies to its center and then kills them.

Once players have achieved 50 kills using their Chi Power, they will unlock the Super Move and will have fully mastered the Shaolin Shuffle Kung Fu Fighting style.

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