Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Scorestreaks Guide – UAV, Scarab, UAV Counter, Vulture and More

The following guide will discuss Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer scorestreaks. There is one of the six different classes in IW scorestreaks.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is this year’s installment in the long-running shooter franchise from Activision. Infinity Ward, the creator of Modern Warfare series, is behind Infinite Warfare.

The following guide will discuss Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer scorestreaks. There is one of the six different classes in Infinite Warfare that use these scorestreaks.

These provide you with automated and manually controlled battlefield weapons that help you put the dent in the enemy’s defenses, get kills, and Jam UI.

You are free to set any three of these before the start of a game.

Infinite Warfare Scorestreaks Guide

UAV Streak
Unlock Score – 400

The UAV is amazing streak for you and your team as it provides radar sweeps on your minimap for your entire team. They allow you to see enemy positions on the map.  However, keep in mind that you are facing someone with The Ghost perk, you won’t be able to see them on the minimap at all. Meanwhile, the Recon perk allows the enemies to tap into your UAV.

Scarab Streak
Unlock Score – 450

Scarab is is a  remotely controlled explosive hover drone; it is very effective for chase down and eliminate targets. The best part is that you can jump and run while controlling Scarab. It is best that you void moving across large stretches of open ground as the Scarab can be taken down by the enemy.

Drone Package
Unlock Score – 550

The drone package drops a random scorestreak so it isn’t really a good Streak to have for strategic reasons. It is completely random so you may or may not get what you are looking for. It does not matter which part of the map you are on, you call in the package whenever you like, even indoors which works in favor of the Drone Package.

Counter UAV
Unlock Score – 600

As mentioned above, UAV provides radar sweeps on your minimap for your entire team. They allow you to see enemy positions on the map, however, counter UAV hacks into the enemy UI and disables their minimap. Keep in mind that only works against those who aren’t using the Hardwired perk.

Vulture Streak
Unlock Score – 700

Vulture is very effective if you are pinned down and suppressed by the enemies. Vulture is a combat drone and spawn on the map and automatically targets and fires at any nearby enemies with its guns.

Keep in mind that is takes a brief moment for it to lock onto the enemy so it may not be very effective against fast-moving ambush.

Trinity Rocket
Unlock Score – 750

Trinity is a  triple-firing missile which can be controlled by the player from above. You can fire the primary missile and two extras will follow the same patch when you shoot for a second time.  Vulture and only track and target enemy players who lack the Blind Eye perk.

Activating the thrusters will increase the rate of descent for the missiles but if you are playing on a map that have a lot cover, it is best to slow the missiles down and target the enemy more effectively.

Scorcher Streak
Unlock Score – 800

As you as you trigger Scorcher Streak, you will have a targeting view of the map. You can choose a target as well as determine the path of attack for the Scorcher. Line up the Scorcher in a way that is covers most of the open ground for an intense round of laser fire. In objective based game modes, target open objective areas.

Shock Sentry
Unlock Score – 900

Shock Sentry is more than capable of killing a number of enemies before it goes down. It is a very powerful automated turret that can lockdown any area and stop enemies from accessing a particular section of the map.  It fires in a wide arc in front and targets enemies at will.

Keep in mind that that it will not target enemies with Blind Eye perk.

Bombardment Streak
Unlock Score – 850

If you are overwhelmed or have a deadlock between the two team in certain areas, use the Bombardment to clear three selected areas of enemies. You can pinpoint three different areas of the map that are going to be targeted.

Keep in mind that selected areas will be marked so it will be visible to the enemies, they can move out of the way.

Warden Streak
Unlock Score – 1100

Warden is a very useful  hovering support combat ship that allows you to have two firing modes. It can automatically target enemies on the ground and take them down.  It can either petrol the map and target enemies at will or can be set to follow you around as a back up for a particular section of the map.

Setting it to hover over an objective is the way to go but it does make it a soft target for anti-vehicle missiles.

Advanced UAV
Unlock Score – 1250

It is an advanced of the standard UAV; it provides perfect positional and directional information for all enemies. You can see their position and see where they are facing. It makes it very easy for you and your team to flank. Advanced UAV can be affected by the Counter UAV.

R-C8 Streak
Unlock Score – 1450

A heavily armoured C8 that comes with modes – manual and automatic. It is a combat robot that has a powerful energy weapon and a shield that can be used to block attacks. Using it on manual is effective and lethal but it is best to let it go around on automatic so it can roam around freely.

T.H.O.R Streak
Unlock Score – 1300

T.H.O.R is a highly powerful orbiting missile platform that allows you to launch missiles in two different patterns. The attack from this Streak is a guided barrage of five missiles. The second more is where you attack with individual missiles for manual targeting of the enemies.

AP-3X Streak
Unlock Score – 1550

You will have access to a hovering antipersonnel drone; you can float up and down the map which allows you to make use of cover around the map. This also allows you take down enemies on rooftops and those who like to wallrun a little too much.

AP-3X uses missiles and rapid fire guns.

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