IndieGameStand Deal Has Diablo-Roguelike Hero Siege

If you like dungeon-crawling action, the latest IndieGameStand deal featuring Hero Siege will be right up your alley. For just a few days, you can grab this roleplaying game (RPG) in a pay-what-you-want model with pricing as low as $1.

Hero Siege was recently approved through Steam Greenlight and released just a while ago. Aside from the whole Roguelike thing that’s pretty hot right now, the PC game does a few elements of its own that are worth looking into.

First off, all action in this game takes place in real-time. So, even though it has the standard roguelike pixel art of cute and vibrant locations, there will be no rest to take in the scene.

Moreover, enemies swarm the screen at all times, resulting in a frantic fight to the death, the likes of Diablo mobs. This comes with an arcade vibe, with tons of numbers and indicators popping up.

Going further on the Diablo themes, all dungeons are randomly generated, as are the 40 types of enemies, which also can have different abilities. Defeating special foes nets more experience and better loot.

There are three classes to choose from, though those will need to be unlocked. Gameplay will go through 3 different acts and 5 zones.


While you can already get a Steam key for $1, perhaps beating the average is also something you’d like to do. Currently standing at around $1.5, going over the price will give you an extra game, called Gang of Three, inspired by the likes of Mega Man and Metal Slug.

Hero Siege is perfect for those who enjoy roguelike games but want to increase the challenge by having to pay attention every second. Also, it just looks really cute.

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