Imperator Rome Console Commands Guide

In our Imperator Rome Console Commands Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about all the console commands in the game and their effects.

In this Imperator Rome Console Commands Guide, you’ll learn about all the console commands. Console commands in Imperator Rome are basically short inputs that’ll save your time and help you take important steps.

Imperator Rome Console Commands

In order to use the console commands, you’ll have to enable them first. After the game opens, press the default console key, which in most cases is “~”.

After pressing the “~” button, you’ll see a console menu on your screen. If you don’t see one, this means it’s not enabled. To enable it, you’ll have to go to:

  • Steam
  • Imperator Rome Properties
  • Click on “Set Launch” Options
  • Type “-console”

Console Command Effects
3dstats Shows Information regarding FPS
ai Used to switch AI on/off.
debug_mode Shows info about Provinces.
amnesia TAG Used to find Tag of a country.
annex TAG To find tag of a country.
t / tag TAG Changes the country initial country to the one selected.
observe / ob Used to enable spectator mode.
yesmen / yesman / ym Let’s the AI accept proposals.
ae 00 Increases the expansions of your country. values can be changed to the number of your choice.
tyranny 00 Used to change the tyranny level. Can be changed to number of your choice.
cash 00 Used to change money. Value can be changed.
stab 00 Used to change stability.
power 00 Used to increase Civic, Oratory, Religious, and military power of your nation.
manpower 00 Used to Increase/decrease number of manpower working.
centralisation 00 Used to change centralization level.
declare_war TAG 1 TAG 2 Let’s country 1 (tagged) to wage war on country 2 (tagged).
forcepeace Used to prevent war.
instant_war Turns war declaration on/off.
civil_war TAG Starts civil unrest in the country (tagged).
revolt TAG Starts revolts in the country (tagged).
war exhaustion 00 Increases/decreases level of war exhaustion.
technology 00 Increases the technology level.
legitimacy 00 Used to change the monarch’s legitimacy level.

Character Commands

Console Commands Effects
set_age CHARACTER_TAG 00 Used to changes the age of your player.
marry CHARACTER_TAG1 CHARACTER_TAG2 Used to marry two selected characters.
make_Child FATHER_CHARACTER_TAG It spawns child for selected parents.
kill CHARACTER_TAG Used to kill the selected characters.

Province Commands

Console Commands Effects
army 00 PROVINCE Increases decreases number of Archers deployed.
conquer PROVINCE Conquers the selected province.
horde PROVINCE Increases or decreases number of Barbarians in selected province.
state_loyalty PROVINCE 00 Changes the loyalty level of a state.
unrest PROVINCE 00 Changes the amount of unrest in a province.
control PROVINCE Helps occupies the selected province.

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