Immortals Fenyx Rising The Messenger’s Path Vault Walkthrough

Our Immortals Fenyx Rising The Messenger’s Path Vault Guide will walk you through the complete The Messenger’s Path Tartaros Rift in the easiest way possible.

Immortals Fenyx Rising The Messenger’s Path Vault

The Messenger’s Vault is yet another vault you get to explore yourself and discover the various rewards that it holds for you, including the Shade of Tartaros chest plate.

Stick with us to find out the simplest way of completing it to get the Shade of Tartaros Plate and several other items as rewards.

The Messenger’s Vault is located in the Valley of Eternal Spring on top of a cliff at the location shown above in the map.

You can get to the by gliding of high ground or simply climbing up the cliff. Once you’re there, you can descend the vault entrance to find yourself on the Messenger’s Path.

As soon as you’re here, get to the end of the room that you’re in to open the pathway to the next area by pulling the lever beside it.

Enter the next room and make your way across the pillar over the huge box placed in your path and to the other end of this area.

At the end, you enter another room where you must open another door at the far end of the room using the same lever mechanism as before.

From here, you must make your way across another pillar room and get to the stairs leading to a hole in the wall that leads into the next pillar section.

You must jump and dive through this narrow opening in the wall and glide onto a pillar on the other side.

Now get to the third room that is at the end of the path and open the pathway to the next room with yet again another lever.

Enter the next area where you’ll find two huge crates right in front, in your path. At the end, there are paths diverging to both sides, but you can either take one or the other but not both.

Initially, the path on the left is accessible but we need to go to the right to get all the rewards and avoid the challenge we have on the left-side path.

To make the right-side path accessible, get on the crates and wait a moment for the pillar on the right side to rise. There is a feather pressure plate underneath the crates that does the work.

Once the path to the right is accessible, get to the crossroads and collect about 3-4 smaller crates from the ones piled there.

You have to move these crates, carrying them one by one and get them to the final pillar to create a platform from which to glide through the hole in the wall. The platform must be at least 3 crates high.

Glide through the open, land on a pillar on the other side and get to the chest at the end. It holds the Shade of Tartaros Plate and various gems. Grab the chest plate and climb the stairs beside the chest to get to the high ground.

From here, you’ll be able to see the area that was on the left side path that you can now reach from this high ground. Jump ahead of the platform and then glide to get there easily.

Open the two chests there, the one outside holds Ambrosia while the one inside the shrine has Zeus’s Lightning.

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