Immortals Fenyx Rising Goddess Nike Locations Guide

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, you will need to find essences of the Goddess Nike who are trapped in cages as fairies. Doing so unlocks a quest.

In Immortals Fenyx Rising, you will have to find four captured Goddess Nike essences (that manifest as fairies trapped in birdcages) and free them to unlock ‘A Symbolic Victory’ hidden quest. The Nikes are trapped in different locations and can be easy to miss due to a lack of markers.

In this guide, we’ll review the locations of all four Nike fragments and how you can free them. Furthermore, we’ll also explore the rewards and hidden quest that unlock once you free all four Goddesses from their cages.

Goddess Nike Location #1 (Valley of Eternal Spring)

Head to the marker location in the map picture above. When you reach the marker location, you must jump down and glide from a cliff to reach the Goddess Nike.

The cage will be on the left side of the statue of Aphrodite, on the very first ledge. Interact with the cage to set her free. A cutscene will then play, prompting you to free the rest of the three Goddesses.

Goddess Nike Location #2 (Grove of Kleos)

This second Nike fragment is located on a small island to the west of the main Grove of Kleos region. The Nike fragment here will be on the top of the cliff, near a large dead tree.

Like before, it’ll be inside a birdcage, interacting with the cage to free the Goddess Nike.

Goddess Nike Location #3 (War’s Den)

The third Nike fragment is found near the coastal area in War’s Den. To find the birdcage, you’ll need to climb the structure present there (to the south of The Arena of Wisdom) to the very top.

Once you reach the top, you’ll find a Ballista, right next to it is a small tower which you can climb to free the next fairy.

Goddess Nike Location #4 (The Forgotten Lands)

The fourth and final Goddess Nike is located near the coast in The Forgotten Lands region in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Reach the area marked on the map above and follow the path along the coastline until you come across a half-destroyed structure.

Climb the structure to locate and free the fourth Nike Goddess fragment. The cage will be on the left platform of the broken structure.

A Symbolic Victory Quest

Once you free all four Goddess Nikes, you will unlock the hidden quest ‘A Symbolic Victory’. Make your way to the hall of the Gods and enter the chamber, here a cutscene will play after which Nike will be free. For your troubles, you will receive the Lover’s Embrace armor and 350 Purple Shards.

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