How to Get Tree Sap in Icarus

Tree Sap is a requirement for crafting high-end equipment in Icarus. In this guide, we’ll be showing you how to Get Tree Sap in Icarus and how make use of it.

How to Get Tree Sap in Icarus

Tree Sap is a very important resource to have in Icarus as it is part of a great amount of high-end crafting recipes. The most noteworthy of these is Epoxy, which is used to create further high-end items like the machining bench.

Hence, you need to always have Tree Sap available and ready to go if you want to progress quickly in the game.

When trying to get Tree Sap in Icarus, you’ll probably immediately go find a tree and try to harvest the Tree Sap from it.

Unfortunately, even though the item itself is called “Tree Sap”, there is actually no way to harvest it directly from trees. The only way to obtain Tree Sap in Icarus is through crafting.

Make a Crafting Bench

Now, the first thing you need to craft Tree Sap is a Crafting Bench. To make one of those, you need to be level 10 or above. Then, you need to have a blueprint point to unlock the crafting bench.

You can unlock it from the Tier 2 Tech Tree. Once you’ve done that, you can construct it using 50 wood, 20 sticks, 12 fiber, and 12 stones.

Unlock the Mortar and Pestle

Once the Crafting Bench is constructed, your next objective is to unlock the Mortar and Pestle.

The Mortar and Pestle can also be unlocked through the Tier 2 Tech Tree, just like how you unlocked the Crafting Bench. The items needed to craft the Mortar and Pestle are 4 silica ore and 12 stone.

Crafting Tree Sap

After constructing the Mortar and Pestle, interact with it and look through the recipe list. You’ll see the recipe for Tree Sap in there, which only requires 4 sticks.

You can now craft the Tree Sap using the Mortar and Pestle. Once you craft it, it’ll show up in the device inventory of the Mortar and Pestle.

As you craft more and more Tree Sap, you’ll soon start to run out of sticks. Once you’ve run out of sticks, instead of wandering around the map and trying to find sticks on the ground, you can simply just create a Carpentry Bench.

The Carpentry Bench can be used to turn wood into sticks, which will allow you to craft as much Tree Sap as you want. To craft a Carpentry Bench, you’ll need 80 wood, 120 copper nails, and 12 rope.