I Wish I Had Activision and Blizzard’s Confidence

Activtion Blizzard is creating a Call of Duty in the same way it created its video games, Miliking it to hell and back.

If you want a role model for the phrase “Do your own thing” go to Activision for inspiration. I mean these guys do NOT back down. While a lot of you can call that stupid or cocky, you have to admit that it’s admirable, to say the least. Without the first even being out, Activision has already hired Black Panther writer, Joe Robert Cole to write the script for the Call of Duty movie sequel.

The confidence is especially emphasized by the fact that the first movie hasn’t even properly begun its production yet. All we know is that it’s being directed by the same person from Sicario.

The Call of Duty movie plans to be another in a long line of game-movie adaptations. Being in line behind other greats like Doom, Mortal Kombat and a few others. Albeit the movies haven’t had the best reception overall, but see this just adds to the mad laddery of Activision. They got the Call of Duty movie sequel planned already!

If that’s not enough evidence for you maniacs, just look at the whole Diablo Immortal fiasco. The company received an almost historical amount of backlash for the mobile variant of the game. They still double down on people coming around to like it eventually. While the game is a Blizzard project, it stinks of Activision’s involvement.

If that’s not enough, they also announced that there’ll be mobile variants of all their titles. Mobile Warcraft is already on the way, and so are a couple of other probably.

Of course, none of us can forget the epic Blizzcon reveal. Faced with the awkward silence or intense booing of the hostile crowd. The man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Wyatt Chang of Blizzard stepped up. And to a panel of what had to mainly be PC players, uttered the unforgettable words:

Do yOu gUys noT hAvE pHoNes?

Never letting Mr. Chang live that one down, to be honest. But right, back on track.

Honestly, Mr. Robert did write a solid script for Black Panther. And while it wasn’t an ASTOUNDING movie as a lot of people hyped it up to be, it was still enjoyable.

No qualms there really, he’s a good writer. But maybe Activision is putting a bit too much faith in the unreleased Call of Duty movie. Maybe.

Anyways, time will tell. If Monster Hunter could surprise us with a gun filled modern look to its set. Maybe CoD oughta do the same by going medieval on our asses, who knows right? Activision definitely has the confidence to pull it off.

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