Hyrule Warriors Legends Companion Fairies Guide

Hyrule Warriors Legends Companion Fairies allow you to use Fairy Magic which is immensely powerful and can even capture a Keep with a single shot.

One important thing to note about Companion Fairies in Hyrule Warriors Legends is that these can only be found in Adventure Mode.

In addition to this, there is absolutely no point in finding them inside chests. In order to find them, you need to smash every pot in a level.

However, you cannot hold indefinite number of Companion Fairies at any given time. You will have to let go of one if you really want another one.

Hyrule Warriors Legends Companion Fairies

Hyrule Warriors Legends Companion Fairies guide basically details everything you need to know about Companion Fairies in Hyrule Warriors Legends:


Interaction can be done in Salon, Dining, School, and Party. Dining is used to feed Companion Fairies and increase level, personality traits, etc. It is also used to obtain Rental Skills which are learned in School.


Salon, on the other hand, is required to put on clothing and increase various attributes. As for Party, it is used to connect with friends who own Hyrule Warriors Legends and obtain Rental Skills for 24 hours.


To grow/develop Companion Fairies and obtain Rental Skills, feeding them is a must! The section details everything you need to know about growing them:

Food and Food Type
Food shape up the personality traits of Companion Fairies. Depending upon Food, Companion Fairies obtain or lose points in certain personality traits which are required by Rental Skills. There are a total of 5 Food Types in the game:

  • Feast – Eggs, Cheese, Meat, etc.
  • Drink – Water, Romani, Tears, Soup, Lon Lon Milk, etc.
  • Plant – Seeds, Pear, Mushrooms, Fruit, Nut, Beans, Pumpkin, etc.
  • Weird – Spores, Fish, Jelly, Larvae, etc.
  • Fish – Greengill, Ordon Catfish, Hyrule Bass, Pike, Loach, etc.

How to Find Food
Food has varying quality and rarity level and find high-quality food can be a nightmare. But you can use Potions and head to Twilight or Termina to increase your chances. There are 3 Fairy Food Rarity in the game:

  • Blank – Lowest quality
  • Tasty – Second tier quality and offers decent personality traits points
  • Delicious – The best food quality

Personality Traits
There are a total of 5 personality traits which increase or decrease depending upon Fairy Food. The traits essentially determine which Rental Skills are unlocked first – information regarding Rental Skills is found in School.

Elemental Attribute
Each Fairy Food Type in the game also has certain Elemental Attribute. The specific EA increases if you feed Companion Fairy the specific Fairy Food and decreases if you do the otherwise.

Once reached maximum value of a specific Elemental Attribute, a Companion Fairy obtains a bonus effect added to the Fairy Magic. Moreover, Food also increases a CF’s level which does not necessarily makes it stronger.

One important thing to note here is that you can use Refresh to revert a Companion Fairy from Level 99 all the way back to Level 1.

Same as Fairy Food Types, there are a total of 5 Elemental Attributes which include:

  • Bombos – Decreases the Defense of enemies in a certain radius
  • Ether – Increases the Defense of allies in a certain radius
  • Quake – Decreases the Speed of enemies in a certain radius
  • Shine – Replenishes the Health of allies in a certain radius
  • Shade – Inflicts damage on enemies in a certain radius

Rental Skills
As mentioned earlier, Rental Skills can change the course of a battle. Each Rental Skill in the game requires specific points in a certain Personality Trait.

If you head to the School, you will get a clearer picture of how many points in a certain Personality Trait you need to obtain a particular Rental Skill – a red Personality Trait signifies that you do not currently have it.

In order to overcome it, you simply need to feed a Companion Fairy a Fairy Food Type which increases that specific Personality Trait – as mentioned earlier.

There are some Rental Skills which are activated automatically and some must be activated manually. Alternatively, you can obtain some Rental Skill from a friend who also owns the game using Party.

Fairy Trust
As you spend time and care for a Companion Fairy, you will increase a stat called Fairy Trust. Increasing it will increase your chances of obtaining gifts from a Companion Fairy.

At times, a Companion Fairy will ask you for a specific Food Type and providing it will increase the Fairy Trust.

Fairy Clothing
Fairy Clothing comes into play when it comes to increasing Fairy Magic. However, do note that only Fairy Clothing with white description should work on a Companion Fairy at your disposal.

There are a total of 5 types of Fairy Clothing which includes top, bottom, make-up, headwear, and jewelry. The idea is to simply put items with white description and increase the Fairy Magic.

If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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