Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Revali The Rito Warrior Walkthrough

This guide is a walkthrough of Revali, The Rito Warrior, which is the third level of Chapter 2 in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity.

This guide is a walkthrough of Revali, The Rito Warrior, which is the third level of Chapter 2 in Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity. The walkthrough contains all the details about collectibles and main objectives. For Korok seed locations in this level, see our Korok Locations guide.

Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity Revali The Rito Warrior

The Rito are trying to stop you from entering Rito village and hence you have to do something against them.

So, head forward towards and you will see a bunch of Rito members ready to die from your hands.

As you move forward, the Rito captain will take out the bridge. So just head into the outpost and clear it out.

There is also another outpost near the broken bridge, but that one doesn’t need to be captured.

This is when the Rito captain will start shooting glowing arrows at you, which you should surely dodge.

The waypoint is already marked for you, so all you need is to capture it. Once captured, a gate will unlock, which you can use to get updrafted to the next area.

In this area, you will be surrounded by the Rito from both ground and above. You may fight them back or you may run straight off towards the Rito captain at the top.

Defeat the captain and then go down again. There will be another newly unlocked gate here, but it connects to the starting point, so you don’t have to go through it yet.

Just head past the gate and go towards the Bokoblin territory. You may visit the fort to collect the Korok there and then continue towards the waypoint.

There will be crates here in which you will find some chests and other items. Collect what you find and then take over the Rito outpost once you reach there.

Once you have captured the Rito outpost, Rito will start a bombardment of arrows from above.

You will have two new waypoints now. So, head towards the south one and assign your other character to go up north.

Now just go straight towards the previous area and use the updraft to find the two Rito captains.

Once you see them, you will also see an explosive barrel on their right side. Just shoot the barrel to finish the Rito captains.

There is a chest in the snow to the right. Use magnesis to pull it out and then switch to your other character.

The second character will be near the next waypoint by now. You will see that a giant boulder is blocking the updraft here. Use your remote bombs here to clear it out and then glide towards the Rito captain here.

Defeat the captain and open the nearby chest before you proceed towards the next waypoint. There will be two more Rito captains here. Defeat them and ride up the updraft.

In this area, there will be an Ice Moblin. Defeat the Moblin and then blow off the boulder blocking to use the next updraft.

Two more Rito captains here. You will find a Rito fort under the arch here.

Get there to face the final boss – Revali. Revali is a quick and lethal opponent. Most of his attacks are aerial, which also include rapid arrows burst.

Once half of his health is depleted, Revali will become even more dangerous and hop higher while performing more powerful attacks.

So just stay swift and fast and soon you will have defeated him. This will conclude the mission.

On completion, you will be unlocking A Flower-Adorned Goddess, upgrade to the Flight Range, The Lodge at Hebra Trailhead, Brilliance for the Boutique and Best-Ever Batter.