Hunted The Demon’s Forge Error Fixes Guide

Hunted: The Demons Forge Workarounds and error fixes to fix online connection issues, slow loading, performance, graphics and install problems.

Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is a cooperative role-playing action game that puts you in the heart of the battle against the dark forces. However, the game isn’t without its issues and that is where our Hunted The Demon’s Forge Error Fixes guide comes in.

Hunted The Demon’s Forge Error Fixes

Play the game using your own style. Hunted: The Demon’s Forge has Magic, Weapons, Armor, character progression, all the features you would want from a cooperative game.

There are few minor issues that are needed to be addressed though, while the developer officially address these issues via patch, you can look for workarounds to resolve all these issues in our troubleshooting guide.

1# Hunted – Gamespy Connection Issues ‘Failed to Connect’
If you are experiencing connection issues with Gamespy, make sure you have UDP/TCP 7777 port forwarded in your router.

2# Hunted: The Demons Forge Cross Region Support
You can’t play coop games cross region on Xbox 360, PC or PS3 but you can directly invite people. Basically you won’t find cross region games in search results.

3# Keyboard Re-map: Can’t See PC Controls
Make sure you don’t have any other controller like Xbox 360 controller plugged into your PC. Unplug the controller, quit the game and re-launch the game.

4# Hunted: The Demons Forge Port Forwarding
You only need to forward TCP/UDP port 7777 to play Hunted online coop. Meanwhile make sure you forward these ports also if you are unable to play public games.

  • 28900
  • 27900
  • 28910
  • 28902

Online Co-Op Connection Fix


Step 1
Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Switch to classic view -> Windows Firewall. Click on Exceptions tab and add “hunted.exe” in the exceptions.

Step 2
Follow this if above method doesn’t work. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Switch to classic view -> Windows Firewall. Click on “Advanced Tab”, enter description of the service i.e “Hunted” and enter the ports below.

  • TCP 28900 – 28902
  • TCP 7777
  • TCP 28910
  • TCP 29900
  • TCP 29901
  • UDP 6500
  • UDP 7777 – 7787
  • UDP 9989
  • UDP 27900

Windows 7

Step 1
Go to Control panel -> Network and sharing center -> Windows firewall, and click on advanced settings. A window will pop up with options inbound rules, outbound rules, connection security rules, and monitoring.

Now click on the “Inbound Rules” and you will see two options for “Hunted” one with an “acception” and other with a “deny” rule, delete both of them.

Step 2
Click “New Rule” on the right hand side and add following settings.

Rule Type: Program

Now navigate to your game folder and choose “hunted.exe”.

Action: Allow the connection
Profile: Tick Private/Public
Name: Hunted

Step 3
Right click properties on Hunted in rules and go to “Advanced Tab”. Now make sure interface type is selecting either your wireless or wired connection.

Change Edge Traversal to “Allow Edge Traversal”. Now click on “Protocols and Ports” tab to do the following.

  • Select protocol type and change to any.
  • All ports for local port.
  • All ports for remote port.

Note: Repeat for the “Outbound Rules”.

6# Hunted: The Demons Forge Doesn’t Start
Verify the integrity of the game files on Steam. Or try again.


8# Little Head and Big Head mode only work in multiplayer
This is by design. You can only use these modes during multiplayer gameplay.

9# While playing in co-op, the player’s weapons, talents and crystals aren’t saved.
This is by design when using another player’s character,only gold collected will be transferred to player using the borrowed character.

10# Crucible map names can’t be changed after they are created.
There is no way to rename maps after their creation.

11# Player’s character has been altered and new abilities or items are present.
This may occur if player 1 allows another player (player 2) access to player 1’s characters in multiplayer. To prevent another player from playing with your characters, select ‘Edit Persona’ from the multiplayer menu, select your character preference, and then select ‘Locked’.

12# Changing resolution during online gameplay may result in disconnection form the current game session.
Resolution changes should occur before or after multiplayer sessions.

13# Resource manager displays incorrect number of crystals collected.
The resource manager displays the highest number of crystals collected by the current character being played. The correct number of crystals collected will display at upgrade points when switching to the correct character.

14# Player is unable to publish Crucible maps.
There is a hard limit of 6 published maps for all users of the title on one PC. To resolve this issue, retract some published maps or delete the Hunted save data folder in My Games.

15# Accepting a friend invite on PC does not add the player to the inviter’s friend list.
Player’s must both invite and accept each other’s invites in order to be added to the friends list.

16# Accepting a game invite consistently results in “Game session is no longer available” error message.
In some situations, PC players will enter a state where all invites are rejected after an original invite is successfully accepted. To resolve this, players must restart their title and try again.

17# Voice communication does not work over a LAN connection.
Both players must be signed into a Gamespy account for voice communication to work. Players can still connect via a Local Area Network, but communication will not be possible without an active Gamespy login.

18# Pre-order content will not unlock after removing content and reinstalling.
In order to restore pre-order content after it has been activated, please contact Gamespy Customer Support.

19# ‘Eye for an Eye’ achievement/trophy doesn’t unlock after killing the Eyes of Annuvin.
In order to unlock the achievement ‘Eye for an Eye’, the Eye of Annuvin must be killed in one shot.

20# Player characters start drinking Sleg without player input.
This is the result of Sleg addiction. If the player has consumed a sufficient amount of sleg, they will activate all Sleg pickups automatically.

21# Player cannot find co-op matches with friends in other regions of the world.
Co-op matchmaking only finds players in your region of the world. On PC, you can send a private invite to play with friends.

How to Port Forward

Detailed Guide on how you can forward your ports for all the multiplayer games.

Note: May not work for all routers but will provide a basic outline on how you should go about forwarding your ports.

Step 1
Go to the “Run” in start menu and type “cmd” (without quotes) and click OK. See Example

Step 2
Next a black window will pop up. Type “ipconfig” (without quotes) and hit enter.

Step 3
List of words and numbers will pop up. You will only need the Default Gateway IP Address and the IPv4 Address IP Adress.
Default Gateway
IPv4 Address

Step 4
Open your web browser and type the Default Gateway IP address in the address of your web browser and hit enter.

Step 5
For the user name type in “admin” (without quotes) and the password you either leave blank or type in “password” (without quotes) or “admin”. You can use to check more about your router.

Step 6
After logging in, on the right you should see an option for Port Forwarding/Port Triggering. Click it.

Step 7
Now click on “Add service” and you should see a few fields like service name, service type, starting port, ending port and server IP address.

Service Name: Add any name you want.
Service Type: Leave as is TCP/UDP
Starting Port: Put ‘Port Starting Port Address say 7777’
Ending Port: Put ‘Port Ending Port Address say 7777’
Server IP Address: Put the IPv4 Address in.

Step 8
After that hit apply and then add another service, but in the starting and ending port fields put “8766″. Your services should look like this now.

Go Play!

Let me know, if you face any other issue. I will try to help you out.

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