How to Unlock Artemis Armor in MHW Iceborne

There is a collaboration event in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne where you can compete to unlock the Monster Hunter movie’s equipment. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock Artemis Armor in MHW Iceborne.

How to Unlock Artemis Armor in MHW Iceborne

There are two ways to look like Artemis in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. You can either get the Artemis Alpha set along with its stats, or you can just get the Artemis Layered Armor set and retain the stats of your original armor. We have mentioned both sets of armors below.

Artemis Alpha Set

There will be 2 new event quests on your screen after you have downloaded the 15.10 version of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

The first event quest will be The New World, which will grant you Chocolate x5 on completion. These Chocolates can be turned into a Smithy for the entire Artemis Alpha set.

There are five pieces of Artemis Alpha set and each piece requires 1 piece of Chocolate. Artemis Alpha Set includes:

  • Greaves – 1 Chocolate
  • Mail – 1 Chocolate
  • Coil – 1 Chocolate
  • Head – 1 Chocolate
  • Guards – 1 Chocolate

To craft this armor set, you will also need 1200z per piece along with 5 chocolates and in return, you will get Hasten Recovery and Great Luck as a bonus set of skills.

Layered Armor Set

If you want to look like Artemis but you don’t like the stats off Artemis Alpha Set, you have to complete the second event quest called To Our World. You will get Artemis’s Notebook as a reward for completing this quest.

You can use this notebook to craft Artemis Layered Armor set. You will also need 5000 points to craft this armor set.

Once you have crafted this armor set, you will look exactly like Artemis, but you won’t have the Artemis Alpha set stats. Instead, you will have the stats of your other armor.

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