How to Trade Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Learn about the new and revamped trading system and how to trade in Pokemon Sword and Shield with the help of our detailed guide

Pokemon is one of the most beloved franchises in history and as such, every new version or game has fans gushing over what new Pokemon to collect.

However, sometimes you manage to only bag the worst ones or Pokemon that you don’t need. You can then trade them for the Pokemon you really are gunning for.

This guide will cover all about how to trade the right Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch. Apart from that, the guide will give an overview of how to trade locally, online, and by other means.

How to Trade Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Trading Pokemon between both versions of the game

These are two versions of the same game and it is made possible for you in almost all Pokemon games to trade both locally and online with ease. The same case applies here, which means you can trade online and locally both among the versions of the game i.e. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. We have discussed a few things that you should know about trading below:

  1. In case a Pokemon has a nickname and it is traded to you, you cannot change it now.
  2. If when traded, a Pokemon is over-leveled then it will not listen to you. In order to get it to listen to you, you will need to earn enough Gym Badges.
  3. The Pokemon who get traded to you earn bonus EXP.

In order to be able to trade Pokemon online in either of the two games you will be required to get a Nintendo Online subscription. But you do not need an online subscription for Local trades.

For local trades, you can use Link Trade using the Y-Comm. We will get more info on that soon.

Surprise Trades
Now we will be discussing surprise trades in this part of our trade guide along with the merits of surprise trades and using this feature efficiently. You can perform surprise trades using Y-Comm. It is a special feature. You can choose any Pokémon you want to trade from any box and initiate a surprise trade.

So when you get online, you will be allotted a random partner and you will get a random Pokémon in return which would be a total surprise for you. You can also do surprise trade locally.

It is basically trading Pokemon automatically using Y-Comm. With this feature it is possible to exchange your Pokemon automatically if you register your Pokemon for it, Y-Comm will automatically find a partner for you to trade with over the internet or locally.

Its merit is that the Pokemon you will be completely unaware of which Pokémon you will be getting and in case you not as unlucky as me there is a chance that you might get a rare Pokémon.

Steps to do a Surprise Trade
This is how you can perform a surprise trade:

  • Open the Y-Comm menu.
  • Select Surprise Trade.
  • Select the Pokémon you want to trade from your Box.
  • It will be automatically traded when you find a partner.

You need to buy a Nintendo Switch Online membership for this to happen and in case you don’t have it you can also use Local Communication.

If you want to sign up for the Nintendo Switch Online membership then you can do it by going to Nintendo’s Official Page.

Surprise Trade vs. Wonder Trade
The difference that Surprise trade has with wonder trade is that you don’t have to wait to find a partner which is the issue with wonder trade. As you know in previous games you needed to wait to find a partner for some time. But for surprise trade just submit the Pokémon to be automatically traded.

In surprise trade, you can trade locally with people nearby even without an internet connection but for wonder trade, you need to have an active internet connection

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