How to Tame Space Whale/Astrocetus in ARK Genesis

The Space Whale in Ark Genesis is one of the creatures that dwell in the Lunar Biome. Taming Astrocetus is considered to be a high tier tame as it has some unique abilities like warping through hyperspace. This guide is all about where and How to Tame Space Whale/Astrocetus in ARK Genesis.

We have described the whole procedure and location along with the necessary pre-requisites that you must obtain before going for the hunt against Space Whale in ARK Genesis.

How to Tame Space Whale/Astrocetus in ARK Genesis

To tame an Astrocetus in Ark Genesis, you must find a Cannon Ball and a Tech Skiff first. You can look for these items in the open space volumes – sometimes pretty high and sometimes low.

Having both Cannon Ball and Tech Skiff Cannon, you should go teleport to the Lunar Biome where you will find these creatures floating throughout the space.

Knocking down a space whale is pretty easy if you have both of the above-mentioned pre-requisites. Depending upon their levels, you can knock one down in a single hit or even knock multiple of them down if they are low level enough.

To tame it further, you need to provide it proper food. The preferred food for the Space Whales is Exceptional Kibble. You can get it from any large-sized eggs.

These include the Basilisk Egg, Bronto Egg, Giganotosaurus Egg, Quetzal Egg, Rex Egg, Tek Quetzal Egg, Tek Rex Egg or Therizino Egg. As an alternative for the Exceptional Kibble, you can also feed it Raw Prime Meat or Raw Mutton.

You’ll need a saddle to ride it once it’s been tamed. With the Space Whales, you’ll also gain access to three gun turrets as well as a bomber mode.

You can also build on its back but it is limited only to around 4-5 structures. Besides, the Space Whales can’t mate but can be cryo-poded.

This was pretty much all about taming the space whales. If you know of any other methods, please let us know.