How to Start Monster Hunter: World Iceborne – How to Complete the Iceborne Quest

Learn everything you need to know about how to start Monster Hunter: World Iceborne expansion to get started with your adventure as soon as possible.

The Iceborne Expansion (DLC) has made Monster Hunter: World grow bigger. Complete the following steps that are explained briefly in this walkthrough in order to start the Iceborne expansion in Monster Hunter World.

Start Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Expansion

  • First, Install the Iceborne Expansion.
  • Beat Monster Hunter: World’s main story so that you can be at the Hunter Rank 16 (HR16).
  • “A Legiana has been sighted in the Ancient Forest” will be received as a tutorial screen, prompting that a new expedition is beginning soon.
  • Standing at the left of the quest board in Astera will be Feisty Fiver. Go talk to him.
  • After doing this, a quest will be started. You will have to stroll past the handler in Ancient Forest till a few cut-scenes start triggering.
  • After this, your new difficulty Master (MR) will be unlocked and the Hunter Rank cap will get removed.
  • You will exit to the DLC’s new world, Hoarfrost Reach, once you go and talk to the Commander in Astera.

In order to finish the Iceborne Quest, you have to defeat the first large monster in Hoarfrost Reach, whose name is Beotodus. Then you will be introduced to the new base for operations, Selina.

This will have its own quest board and merchants, you are to talk to all the characters present over there, and proceed to the quest board in order to accept new story assignments.

I wish you luck on your Iceborne adventure!

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