How to Set PS5 Parental Control Settings

In our PS5 Parental Control Settings Guide, we’ll take a dig into all the Parental Control Settings available that let you monitor your child’s activity on the PS5.

PS5 Parental Control Settings

To gain access to the parental controls, you need to have your own account as well as the accounts of your children on the Playstation Network.

If you set up the accounts of each of your children yourself, then you’ll be titled as the ‘family manager’ while if you have someone else do that for you, then you can be appointed as a ‘guardian.’

As a guardian, you’ll still be able to set up parental controls and spending limits.

Setting up Parental Control

You can set up the parental controls from a web browser on your Playstation 5.

Firstly, sign in and head to Account Management > Family Management.

Once there, select the child that you want to set restrictions for, and you’ll be presented with a lot of features, ready to be edited.

There are numerous features for you to edit and limit your child’s access to PS5. Below, we’ll discuss each one of them.

(Note: When you’re setting up parental controls, remember to adjust the system settings to keep your children from your changing the parental controls.)

Parental Control Features

The first and the most important feature is that you can set playtime restriction on your child’s account, which means that you’ll have access to when and for how long your child uses PS5.

Secondly, you can set up spending limits on your child’s account, which means Playstation 5 will make sure that your child spends not a penny more in the Playstation store than the specified threshold.

However, if you’re not the guardian yourself, be sure to stay in touch with the guardian regarding the spending matter because he has the authority to change the spending limit.

Furthermore, you can restrict the usage of the Internet Browser and deny your child’s access to the games and videos that you think are inappropriate for them.

PS5 has a built-in property that displays the age rating for each game and video; it can be extremely helpful for that matter.

There’s also a pre-defined age limit of 12 years for the use of Playstation VR in PS5. Considering this, you can easily decide whether to allow your child to use VR or not.

In addition, you can also restrict your child’s communication with other players via chat, messages, and game invitations.

Going with this option will also prevent your child from viewing the videos, images, and text created by the other players.

However, a child’s account can request an exception in the communication feature in a particular game.

The family manager or the guardian will receive an email asking him to either comply with the request to deny it.

Remember that you can grant your child’s request without having to change the parental control settings.

For doing that, you’ll need to sign in the Account Management and then head to Family Management > Allowed Games. Here, you can either approve the request or reject it.

If you choose to go with the former, your child will be granted access to all the media (e.g. videos, images, chat, etc.) for that particular game.

Afterward, if you happen to change your mind, all you have to do is disallow that game by navigating to Account Management > Family Management > Allowed Games.

You can also subscribe to Trend Micro Web Service, which prevents inappropriate and harmful content from popping up in front of your child when he’s using the internet browser.

Similar to Trend Micro Web Security, you can buy Trend Micro Web Security to get rid of scam sites.

To be able to get your hands on either of these web filters, you need to head to the Playstation Store and search for the keywords “Trend Mciro”.

Now, choose whether you want the Kids Safety or the Web Security and continue ahead to make a payment. You can also subscribe to both of these web filters.

Whichever option you go for, you’ll have to make a periodic payment to keep availing of these services.

Now, to enable these web filters, head to Settings > Family Management > PS5 System Restriction > Web Filter > Trend Micro for PlayStation 5 Settings.

You’ll be prompted to insert the system restrictions passcode. In case you haven’t set this up already, it’s 0000.

Once you’re in, place a tick next to whichever web filter you want activated, and you’re good to go.

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