How to Self-Revive in Apex Legends

In this Apex Legends Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about self-revive mechanic in Respawn's Battle Royale game.

When playing Apex Legends you are bound to die in the constant intense fights between those groups of enemies coming to your way. There are ways to be revived or get respawn by your teammates but you cannot always depend on them.

Apex Legends Self-Revive

Sometimes, they can be involved in battles or can be late, you will lose your chance to be revived, and now all you can do is watch your allies fight in the battles.

With all the new outstanding twists and options Apex Legends have put this time, the game has also covered this reviving problem by putting a self-reviving option in this game.

In case your teammates are not making it in time to you or you are the last member left in your squad, use the Resurrection ability immediately before you lose the chance.

There is only one way to self-revive after you are knocked out and that is by using the Knockdown Shield. There are different levels of this shield so make sure that you are getting the Legendary Knockdown Shield in order to use the ability.

The armor is actually a shield to protect you from enemy fire for a short amount of time but it has one more feature. The armor has a Resurrection ability which when used will bring you back to the game.

It takes just as much time as someone else reviving you from your teammates. Use it when you see no enemy near you. This ability can only be used once so best save it as your last resort.

The Knockdown Shield is a very rare armor so cannot be found easily. It changes its place constantly so it is very improbable to find it at the same place you did before.

You can find it in the care packages, or drops that are high tiered. It can also be looted from someone who collects it before you do.