How to Purify Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Learn how to purify Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go to capture these unique beats with some really good stats with the help of our guide

As Team Rocket has invaded, understanding and knowing how to purify Shadow Pokemon is an important skill for every trainer to complete challenges. This guide will show you How to Purify Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

There are a number of things that you need to know before going forward and taking a step to purify these Pokemon.

How to Purify Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Shadow Pokemon are kind of a lucky Pokemon in which they are incredibly strong and take less Stardust to power up. However, they suffer from having a chronically low CP until purification.

The first thing you’ll need is a Shadow Pokemon in order to cleanse it. Team Rocket has taken over Poke Stops all over your local neighborhood.

Battling a Team Rocket member should be enough to get you a Shadow Pokemon as you will be able to catch a new one upon each victory.

Before you purify a Pokemon, first you need to evaluate it and check the IV.

Cleansing a Pokemon will add two points to each IV stat, so if you have a 13/13/13 shadow Pokemon, after cleansing it, you will be left with a 100% IV Pokemon.

The purified Pokemon will also get a big CP increase and it will be slightly easier to evolve to the later evolutions since you already spent a few candies on purifying it.

The problem with purification is that the Pokemon will learn the move “Return”, which is a normal-type charged attack which unfortunately is not a very powerful attack compared to others.

In order to purify a Pokemon, a trainer will need a certain amount of Stardust. The exact amount depends on the Pokemon level and type and will be detailed below its stats.

Above the options to power up and evolve the Pokemon there is a Purify button mentioned. It will cost a few thousand stardust usually along with a couple of candy specific to that Pokemon.

Most Shadow Pokemon you catch will be primary forms or otherwise non-evolved.

Right after purification of Pokemon has been done, trainers will be able to notice a great increase in CP along with new moves and cosmetics.

Purified Pokemon will have a special symbol next to their portrait in your Pokemon inventory screen and will have a white, fine effect glow around their model when on their profile. These effects are kept throughout their evolutions.

It is a simple process to purify your Pokemon and the end result is a Pokemon with increased stats but with a less powerful charged attack than the normal variant.

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