How to Increase Inventory Space in Borderlands 3 – Upgrading SDUs

Check out our guide to learn how to increase your inventory space in Borderlands 3 so that you never run out of ammo or space for guns.

Although you start with a decent amount of storage space for your guns and ammo in Borderlands 3, pretty soon you will realize that this can be quite limited especially when the real loot starts dropping or you need more ammo in tough boss fights. We have created this Inventory Management Guide to help you increase your inventory capacity in Borderlands 3 so you don’t have to throw away loot or worry about running out of ammo.

Increase Inventory Space in Borderlands 3

SDUs make a return in Borderlands 3 and allow you to increase your inventory size, personal as well as the vault.

After the initial 3-4 hours of the game, you will be introduced to SDUs or Storage Deck Upgrades and can then purchase them from Marcus Munitions in Sanctuary to increase your storage limit.

Each ammo type has its SDU in Borderlands 3. For example Pistol ammo, Heavy ammo, Shotgun ammo, SMG ammo, and Sniper ammo.

You can also upgrade your bag to carry more items and your bank storage. Lost loot can be collected more readily by upgrading it with SDUs as well.

Upgrading SDUs can be a bit expensive especially in the early hours of Borderlands 3 so be careful what you upgrade.

Only increase the capacity of ammo for weapons you commonly use. If you aren’t a big fan of snipers, it is not worth wasting resources on upgrading Sniper SDU. This is basically all you need to know about how to increase your inventory space in Borderlands 3.