How to Host Missions in GTA Online Casino Missions for Diamond Casino and Resort

Learn how you can host GTA Online Casino Missions in the newest Diamond Casino and Resort Update for Grand Theft Auto V Online.

GTA Online players are rushing to take advantage of the new Diamond Casino update so that they can gamble, win prizes and enjoy the most luxurious vices they can in the online world of Los Santos. Despite this, you may still find yourself facing the usual issue of waiting too long in a lobby with other players to do some Casino missions. The easiest fix to this problem is to host GTA Online Casino Missions in the game.

GTA Online Casino Missions

First thing’s first; you need to own some property in the Diamond Casino with VIP membership. This will not be a cheap purchase and the VIP status alone would cost around $500 but with it, you will be able to play casino games and enter new missions.

You can purchase the penthouse by talking to the concierge at the guest services reception. You will then have access to a VIP only area in the Casino from where you can start missions.

You can also access casino missions if you have received an invite from someone else who owns the property.

Hosting Casino Missions

If you want to host a session then simply log into GTA Online as an invite-only session.

You do this by going to the Pause menu, going to the Online tab, selecting Play GTA Online and then choosing ‘invite-only session.’ This will automatically make you the host of any mission you launch.

If you face a situation in which you find out you are not a host and are stuck in a lobby with other players then simply leave the session and join in the same way as above.

So far, this is the only known way to ensure that you are the host of a session but we will keep a lookout for any updates that come our way.

This is how you can start and host GTA Online Casino Missions. If you have anything else to add, be sure to let us know!

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