How to Heal in Code Vein

This guide includes all the basic info and tips when it comes to healing in Code Vein as well as benefits and downsides of each method

In order to get somewhere, you have to master the unforgiving art of healing. It is not simple as you don’t have access to multiple healing items. The time and method to heal is very significant and tricky as well but we are here to help you learn to do it. Let’s get started on the basics of healing with this Code Vein guide:

How to Heal in Code Vein

To heal in this game we have four methods each with its own pros and cons. The first one is:

The most basic method to heal in the game is by Regeneration. Its working is very similar to that of Estus Flask in Dark Souls.

Whenever you get to the bonfire in the game known as Mistle, the regeneration charges you have will be replenished. This also happens in case you defeat a Greater Lost. You can also heal a medium amount of damage if you use regeneration as an item.

You will be able to include extra Regeneration charge to your pool as you progress in the game. In this way, you won’t have to come back to Mistles to heal yourself giving you to the ability to explore even more.

Regen Inducers
You can only use them once, but they give you a little more healing than Regeneration.

You cannot get them back after you have used them like you get regeneration back. They are not as easy to get your hands on so you might have to work a little harder to get them.

It is advised to not use them until you are in a very crucial fight, e.g. a boss fight. Because as mentioned, it is not easy to attain them and you can just come back to get the Haze you lost.

Gifts can also be used to heal your own characters or your teammates but there are cons to using it as well. For instance, if you use the Guardian Aid Gift with Astrea, you would be able to heal your teammates, but it will consume your own health.

Use these gifts wisely and according to the nature of the conditions.

This is the best way to heal your character. When you rest at a Mistle, it will automatically heal your character with the help of the blood bushes present there and best of all, it’s free to use. But the drawback associated with the use of Mistles is that it respawns all the normal enemies.

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