How to Grow Coconut Trees in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Coconuts are from one of the few food type items in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Coconuts are generally just found on Resource Islands that costs important Nook Miles to reach. If you are interested in your own, let us show you How to Grow Coconut Trees in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

If you want coconuts trees, you will need to dig up a few trees on a resource island and bring them home. Or simply snatch a couple of coconuts and plant those. They can grow into a coconut tree in only two or three days.

How to Grow Coconut Trees in Animal Crossing New Horizons

You will initially need to acquire 2,000 Nook Miles before you can plant a coconut tree in Animal Crossing. You can earn them by finishing different tasks in your Nook Miles application on your Nook phone.

When you have those, you can go to Tom Nook’s place and head to the ATM. You can spend your miles here, and you should buy yourself a Nook Miles Ticket.

Before you go to any place, ensure you have some fruits, inventory space and a shovel. You don’t really require these things; however, they are worth having to truly benefit from your Nook Miles Ticket!

Go to Dodo Airlines, and give your ticket to Orville. You will at that point fly your way to another tropical island.

Go around the beach of this new island to find a coconut tree. In case you’re fortunate, you should find one with a few coconuts on it! You will have to shake the tree to get yourself some coconuts.

When you’ve done that, you would then be able to make an extra move. Eat a bit of coconuts like an apple or a cherry, you would then be able to go through your shovel and dig up the entire coconut tree!

When you’ve got all the coconuts trees you can take them back to your Animal Crossing island, Go to the airplane and then you can travel back to your island.

Go to your island’s beach and dig a hole to plant a coconut in it. Following a couple of days, you will, in the end, have yourself a fully grown Coconut tree!

In the event that you have dug up the Coconut trees, you can just plant those and they will be completely grown as of now. Hold up a few days and your trees will grow you some tasty coconuts!

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