How to Get Wyverian Ears Armor in Monster Hunter World

Flora Frostbite limited-time event is live and hunters are going on the quest to get the Wyverian Ear Armor. If you are interested in the same, let us show you how to get Wyverian Ears Armor in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

For those of you who don’t know, Flora Frostbite is a Master Rank Event Quest in MHW Iceborne.

Completing the quest will reward you a Wyverian Ticket that’ll allow you to make the Wyverian Ear Armor at the forge.

How to Get Wyverian Ears Armor in Monster Hunter World

The Wyverian Ear Armor is more of a novelty than armor. It has level 9 Rarity and grants a Level 4 decoration slot but also gives a few passive abilities such as Mushroomancer Skill +2 levels, Survival Expert +1 level. It has a defense of 140 and its strongest element is vs. Dragon.

Wyverian Ear Armor also gives a Wide-Range focused support build, which combined overall can be of some use.

To sum up, there are better options for the high-level player to go with since the ear armor takes a full helmet slot without giving a helmet’s protection, meaning it’s not a layered armor piece by default.

To craft the Wyverian Ear Armor, you simply need to get a Wyverian Ticket from completing the Flora Frostbite Master Quest. That in itself is not that difficult rather it is a fairly simple quest.

To make the Ear Armor at the forge you all so need 12000Z and 3 Thick Bones along with the Wyverian Ticket.

Flora Frostbite Quest

The quest takes you to the Hoarfrost Reach where you have to collect 10 Iceblooms. You’ll find them at the place where you fight Velkhana and Barrioth. Simply go to the area and pick them up from the ground. You don’t need to fight any monsters to complete the quest.

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