How to Get S+ Rank in Astral Chain – Combat Tips and Tricks

Like most action hack and slash games, Astral Chain also has a combat grading system but getting that S+ rank in it can be quite a challenge.

The Astral Chain grading system grants you an alphabetical grade out of a series of grades that varies from D which is the lowest, all the way to S+, which of course is the highest. This guide will give you useful tips on how to get an S+ rank in Astral Chain for that sweet bonus score.

S+ Rank in Astral Chain

For starters, land a chic move and it’s going contribute to your resulting score nonetheless.

Oh, and for Astral Chain, you do not have to worry about avoiding any sort of actions to perform during the combat since they do not relieve you of your points if you did something that’s not all that good. Did you hear that folks? No negative marking for y’all.

Also, you could still earn the highest marks as your end-game grade even if you took a lot of damage during the game; thus you are not judged on how much damage you ended up receiving on your end neither are you judged for using up the AED revives.

Although you will get a five thousand score-boost to your total if you end up not receiving any damage throughout the game. The acquired grade depends on several factors.

For starters, I advise you to ensure the following during your combat to earn a higher grade or particularly, an S+ which certainly sounds fancy and it isn’t an easy-achieve given that it requires an end-game score of ten thousand or above:

  • Always make correct use of your sync finishers or the sync attacks to receive more end-game points,
  • Make sure that you use the variety of your Legions.
  • Try to hit critical backstab hits consecutively.
  • Get multiple Chain Binds.
  • Put the combat-time to effective use, since it will matter as well.
  • Use your cool down attacks.
  • Do not stick to a single skill, use different skills profoundly.
  • Try not to break your ability combos, as this prevents you from landing those ‘chic’ moves that are generous for your overall/end-game score.
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