How to get Kamura Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise

In this guide, we will tell you exactly How to Get Kamura Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise and tell you what you can use Kamura Tickets for in MHR.

How to get Kamura Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise

Kamura Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise have a lot of pre-requisites. The first and maybe the most important one is to complete the story campaign. The good thing about this pre-requite is that the story mode is not that long.

Some really good armor sets can be made using the Kamura Tickets, along with some excellent skills. You cannot get these armor items or skills from monsters.

So, going forward, we will discuss how you will able to get the tickets and then these special items by using Kamura Tickets.

Hunting Down Kamura Tickets
First of all, you will have to get your hands on Kamura Tickets. For that, you have to complete the main campaign.

But ending the main campaign is not the end in this game. You will have to take out Magnamalo for ending the main campaign.

When you have finished the story, credits will roll, and you will have to get some errands done for Fugen the Elder after talking to him.

Kamura’s Handyman will be your first quest. This quest has eight side quests. Maybe some of you have already done the eight side quests, which means that this quest will be marked done automatically. You will have to get the next task from Fugen by talking to him.

For the next quest, you will have to go looking for your mates. You will need fifteen new mates. Also, if you have already completed this, you won’t have to do it again.

When you have completed both of these quests, you will get two complete armor sets that are for your hunter and your Palico and Palamute, respectively.

After that, talk to Fugen again, and you will get some Kamura Tickets. Now you will have the option to get some for the rest of the game.

You will get some more of the Kamura Tickets after completing the Village Quests and Rampage Quests. You will be rewarded with tickets whenever you complete these quests from Fugen most of the time.

This makes it easy, now that you know how to get them as you are getting an extra reward for doing something that you would’ve done either way. These tickets can be used for making armor sets. So, go earn some tickets and add some sick new armor to your collection.

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