How to Fix Ghostrunner Crashes, Errors, Performance Issues, FPS and Other Problems

Are you having errors or crashes in Ghostrunner on PC? Take a look at our list of most popular issues in the game right now.

Ghostrunner has just been released by publisher 505 Games and is now available on PC through Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store.

As with every PC release, Ghostrunner too comes with a few mind-boggling errors and crashes that you might need some help with. We’ve created a list of the most popular issues you might face when playing the game. We hope you’ll find the solution for your error in it too.

In-Game Crashes in Ghostrunner

The first thing you’ll want to do is run the game as an administrator. This fixes a variety of issues related to security. You should also whitelist Ghostrunner from your firewall and anti-virus and check if the crashes have stopped. If not, then go ahead and download the latest DirectX runtime package and also check if you are running the correct version of Microsoft VC++ Redistributables.

The last thing you can do to stop the game from crashing in-game is to disable full-screen optimization. To do so, navigate to the game’s files and right-click on the executable file. Select Properties. In the Properties window switch to the Compatibility tab, and here enable “Disable full-screen optimization”. Press Ok to apply settings, and try to run the game again.

Ghostrunner Crashes at Cutscenes – Intro

Much like any crash, for this one too try running the game as an administrator and whitelist it from your security defenders. If those don’t work, check your GPU settings and disable the hardware accelerator, if it is enabled. Last but not least, you can add an exception for Ghostrunner in FFDSHOW, if you are using it. According to GOG’s support center, you can make an exception to your codec pack’s ffdshow settings using the steps below:

  • Go to Start -> Programs -> Combined Community Codec Pack -> Filters -> FFDShow Video Decoder Configuration
  • Go to DirectShow control
  • Choose “Don’t use ffdshow in:”
  • Click Edit and then Add to choose Ghostrunner

Black Screen in Ghostrunner

This is an issue that is most definitely related to security issues or your GPU drivers. First whitelist the game from your security programs as we mentioned before. Then open up your graphics card’s software and check if there are any pending updates. If there is any, download, install and try running the game again. One more thing you can try is switch the game’s display to windowed and see if it runs correctly. If it does, switch to borderless which will be the closest thing to a fullscreen view without any issues.

DirectX file / d3dx9_43.dll not found

To get rid of this issue, you’ll need to download the latest DirectX runtime package and install it into your system. Your existing pack might be corrupt and cannot run the game properly.

Ghostrunner Cannot Save

The reason behind a game not saving is most possibly your hard drive not having enough space to do so. If you are 100% sure that this is not the case, you can try verifying your game’s files which will take care of any corrupt residuals that might affect saving the game.

File not found Error

Once more, run the game as an administrator and whitelist Ghostrunner from your firewall and antivirus program. Boot up the game and see if the error pops up again. If it does, you can run a file verification to replace any corrupt files that might exist within your game’s folder.

“Fatal Error” in Ghostrunner

This is a weird problem in Ghostrunner that players have managed to solve in a number of ways. Some say that changing your sound format to 192000Hz fixes the issue. Some others install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 which seems like the most successful fix right now. For what it’s worth, there is no certain fix to this issue right now but the developers will address some of the most difficult problems in a patch soon.

UE4-Ghostrunner / LowLevelFataError

Yet another issue that is related to your GPU. This is an issue that is caused when Unreal Engine crashes, causing the game to stop working. The first thing you need to do is make sure there are no pending updates for your graphics card. If there are, install them and check if it fixes the issue. If not, then go to graphics settings within the game and turn off some of the most demanding options. For instance, you can lower the 4K resolution, lock your FPS and turn off V-Sync to help UE run smoother.

Low FPS / Performance

This is an issue that most likely relates to your hardware. The first thing you’ll want to do is play around with your graphics settings in Ghostrunner and see if making changes make the experience better. If you are 100% sure that your hardware is way above the minimum requirements then check if your CPU and RAM usage isn’t reaching 90% or above. If so, close any unnecesary programs and browser windows and run the game again.

Keyboard or Mouse not Working

First, run the game as an administrator as it is requested for almost all fixes. If it is your mouse that is not working, then go to Mouse -> Pointer Options and disable enhance pointer precision. If your keyboard isn’t working then make sure that you remove any additional peripherals that might trick Ghostrunner into recognizing them as a keyboard.

This is everything we could collect so far about errors and crashes in Ghostrunner. If you encounter more problems running and playing the game, you might find it beneficial to contact your platform’s support for more personalized help.

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