How to Find The Door in Maintenance Area of Control Foundation DLC

So if you have been playing Control then you know a new DLC, Foundation is out with new levels and stuff. In The Foundation you might be stuck in executive sector as you have to get to the restricted area, here we have a complete walkthrough on how you can navigate through The Foundation DLC of Control to find the Door in Maintenance/Restricted Area.

The Door in Maintenance Area of Control Foundation DLC

You will start close to a telephone where you will hear from The Board, then start moving in the corridor and take first right to get to eth director’s office. Then take another right and then a left to get to the central executive.

From there jump down and walk to the back side to get into the elevator. From the elevator go into the maintenance sector and walk forward.

From here walk straight ahead until you get to the NSC power plant, from here you need to circle around the plant and go to the right side until you reach the door with a board on top which has ‘NSC coolant pumps’ written on it.

Get inside and go to your left, walk for a while until you reach a big room. From the room go to your right and you will reach the Furnace Chamber.

In the chamber, you have to immediately move to your right and then take a left and you will see a big pipe opening in the wall, use force to get up and get inside that hole.

Walk straight through the door and then to your left then right, left, right, left, right and then left and you will reach a big area. Jump down three-floor from there and enter the door on your right.

Walk straight through another door then another one and then use the force to jump through another big area and you will find yourself on a path with rubble all around the way.

This whole way is to get you to that big area on left side of the map called Black Rock Quarry. When you get to the quarry, just stick to the left side of the quarry and circle around it, on the half way you will see a huge opened door so get inside.

Inside will be another door which is for the elevator but elevator will not be there, so jump down from there and keep falling until you don’t hit the ground.

This is the restricted area now, walk straight ahead to the big room on right side of the area and inside you will see computer controls, toggle push the red button and then go to the area ahead.

There is a ramp ahead, wait there until a lift comes. Get in and press the button and now you will have to wait for a long time as it is very slow and will get you to the other side of this restricted area.

When you are on the other side, get out of the lift and go down the stairs on your right. This is now the area where you have to find that hidden door, and if you are doing it for the first time it might take a lot of time to find it but we are here to tell you just that. After going down the stairs walk right ahead, and when you reach the first pillar on your left you will see the door.

To open the door, just make sure that you have unlocked all the energy levels and also upgraded your weapon to the max available option. Then get near the door and open it. And this is it from the mission Find The Door in Maintenance, Restricted Area.