How to Farm Challenging Vex Cores in Destiny 2

During the Destiny 2 Season Of The Dawn quest Impossible Task, you are tasked with the objective of collecting 25 Vex cores. You can do this by locating and killing Challenging Vex in order to get the cores. This is actually fairly easy to do if you visit two locations. However, if you are still unsure how to finish this quest, we will tell you how to farm Challenging Vex cores in Destiny 2.

How to Farm Challenging Vex Cores in Destiny 2

The first location is on Nessus to farm Vex cores. Head to the lost sector Orrery in Artifact’s Edge. This area is ripe with Challenging Vex so you can farm the cores here. Select a good assault weapon with rapid-fire and then run into the area to start blasting.

Slaughter any enemy you spot and then head out. You will eventually get a notification for leaving, and this is your cue to head back in to start farming some more cores from the now respawned Vex.

Keep in mind not any Vex enemy will drop these cores. You can spot the challenging ones quite easily as they have orange health bars so go for those, kill them and grab your Vex Cores.

You can keep abusing this method until you have collected about 25 Vex Cores and 50 Radiolarian Fluids. You can also head to the Public Event in Hallows since this activity also has Challenging Vex.

You can apply the same method of repetition here as well but you don’t need to visit both locations. There are plenty of challenging Vex in any one spot for you to be able to collect all the required Vex cores from them.

If you’re ready with a good loadout, you can pretty much farm a total of 25 Vex cores from any one location pretty quickly.

Once you have collected the required amount of Vex cores from the Challenging Vex in either of these areas, you need to head back to Osiris on Mercury at the Sundial and hand over your collections to him. This will finish this objective of the Impossible Task mission