How to Farm Armorite Ore in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor

Armorite Ore is a highly valuable resource added to Pokemon Sword and Shield in the Isle of Armor DLC. This...

Armorite Ore is a highly valuable resource added to Pokemon Sword and Shield in the Isle of Armor DLC. This guide will explain how to Farm Armorite Ore in Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor for this new resource.

Armorite Ore can be traded for thousands of Watts or exchanged with an NPC to teach your Pokemon special moves. However, the resource is extremely rare to find; But, given its value, finding Armorite Ore is a worthwhile effort.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Armorite Ore

Farming Armorite ore is Not an easy task, and you surely need to grind to get the ore. There are three ways you can grind for Armorite Ore:

The least effective method to get the ore is by finding it scattered around the world. The shiny items that appear around the world can be picked up. The problem is most of the time they are either Pokeballs and useless healing items. This makes it a time-consuming process and reliant on pure luck.

The second method to farm is by getting the help of the Ore Finding Lady. More on her below.

The most effective method is doing Max Raid Battles. So far, you can receive at least a single Armorite Ore for every successful completions of a Max Raid Battle.

The rank doesn’t appear to matter. This is the most effective method but still requires grinding.

Farming with Help of the Ore Farming Lady
This is a new NPC with a shovel helps you dig up the valuable Armorite Ore. The biggest risk with this NPC is that she is useful only as long as her shovel lasts.

This means that you need to get her a shovel, and that it might break without her ever finding a single Armorite Ore.

It may be a double edged sword, but is the easiest thing to do, as you can just interact with her and go about your routine as she works hard for you.

About where to find the ore digger lady, we have provided details on each of the locations we have discovered her to spawn in.

There are a lot of locations where you can meet the Ore Digger so we will update the guide over time to help you farm Armorite ore efficiently.

  • Dark Tower Location 1: Before going up the final stairs to the Dark Tower, search the path that leads off to the right. She is sometimes found at the end, near the rock.
  • Dark Tower Location 2: Before starting to climb the stairs near the Dark Tower, look down to the left. At the end of this small passage you will see ore farming lady.
  • Potbottom Desert: As you enter Potbottom Desert from the cave, she can spawn in the far left corner
  • Warp Up Cave: As you pass through the cave on way to the Potbottom Desert, a small path on the left.
  • Courageous Cave: Enter the Cave via water. At the bridge, follow the stream, and she spawns in a small gap at the right ahead.
  • Brawler’s cave: In the cave, you’ll see a huge pillar near the first ramp. Ore farming lady spawns here sometimes.
  • Field of Honor: Head on the path, right to the path that leads to the Dojo.
  • Loop Lagoon: On the beach near the cliffside you can encounter the Ore Digger.
  • Workout Sea Location 1: There is an island at this location. It’s the new Ditto Den. She can be found standing near one of the trees on that island.
  • Workout Sea Location 2: There is a tiny beach across from the island with the Galarian Twig Girl. She spawns there from time to time. The tiny beach is in the South West corner of the Workout Sea, you’ll see a very small beach on the map, just South of the Lagoon.
  • Insular Sea: South West of Honey Comb island. There’s a large-ish island with some grass and a single tree.
  • Stepping Stone Sea: South West of the Tower of Water there is an island with two trees. On the far side of the island is a tiny bit of beach where Armorite Ore Digger can spawn.

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