Monster Hunter Rise Khezu Weakness, Weapons, Armor and Drop

Khezu is one of the bosses in Monster Hunter Rise and a returning monster from the Monster Hunter series. Here we have prepared a detailed guide that tells how to defeat the horrifying beast Khezu in Monster Hunter Rise with battle tips and strategy.

Where Can I Find Khezu in MH Rise?

Khezu are these horrifying flying Wyvern creatures in the world of Monster Hunter. They have elastic bodies, and they constantly need dampness around them to keep their skin damp and elastic.

Before we jump into how to defeat Khezu, let’s first see locations where you’ll encounter this monster, what items it will drop, and trips and tricks to defeat it.

While playing MH Rise, you must be aware beforehand of the locations where you possibly can encounter the monsters. Since Khezu is one of the most horrifying monsters in the game and requires a bit more effort than usual monsters to get rid of, it’s necessary you identify its locations.

We’ve noticed that Khezu spawns in two locations in MHR, Frost Islands and Lava Caverns.

Now that we know its locations, let’s jump into all of Khezu’s attack patterns and battle strategies that can get rid of it.

Khezu Weaknesses

The table below mentions various parts of Khezu and the damage it takes from the different weapons and elements.

Khezu’s Body Parts Cut Damage Blunt Damage Ammo Damage
Head 75 70 80
Neck 75 50 50
Torso 45 45 25
Wing 25 25 25
Left Leg 36 20 35
Right Leg 36 20 35
Tail 20 20 30

Elemental Weaknesses

Khezu’s Body Parts Fire Water Thunder Ice Dragon
Head 30 5 0 5 5
Neck 25 5 0 5 5
Torso 25 5 0 5 5
Wing 20 5 0 5 5
Left Leg 15 5 0 5 5
Right Leg 15 5 0 5 5
Tail 20 5 0 5 5

Khezu Ailment Effectiveness

The only Ailment that can be inflicted on Khezu in MH Rise is the 3-star poison. Use poison smoke bombs against Khezu when he’s weak and take advantage of them.

They can flip the table for you especially because Khezu is very vulnerable to poison. You can also use Fireblight and Blast during the fight with Khezu as well.

Khezu Attack Patterns

Khezu has a total of 5 attacks in MHR. Below we’ve explained each of them.

Neck Swing

First, he has the Neck Swing. The Neck Swing makes it’s neck long and swings at you. It has a dangerously long range. You need to watch out when you notice it happening.

Electric Breath

In the second attack, Khezu lets out an Electric Breath. Just like a dragon, it unleashes electricity like fire. However, it’s a slow electric breath and has a  180-degree arc. You can easily dodge this attack just by being mobile.

Electric Discharge

As for this attack, Khezu will protect itself by spreading electric barriers all over it and if anyone gets closer to it, they will get shocked.

Ceiling Latch

For this attack, Khezu will latch itself to ceiling and then emit electric balls which will provide immense damage if you come in contact with it. Moreover, the victim of this attack will be paralyzed giving Khezu more time to provide even more damage.

Body Slam Attack

Lastly, Khezu has the Body Slam Attack. For this attack, as its sounds, it will slam all of its giant body on you to completely smash you.

Now that we’ve established different ways Khezu can attack you, let’s look into the strategies and tips and tricks to defeat Khezu.

How to Defeat Khezu in Monster Hunter Rise

When you first encounter a Khezu, you see in the cutscene is a khezu preying on a Kelbi. You will find it somewhere in the swamp or frozen seaway.

As you approach the Khezu in MHR, the first thing it does is a huge roar. This can deal a lot of damage if you don’t have HG Earplugs to block this roar.

Khezu will also make electric attacks frequently. Khezu charges electricity in his mouth and then slams it down on the ground giving electric shocks in a straight line. You can dodge it if you are careful and keep an eye on Khezu.

Make sure to be very careful from the saliva of Khezu as it can melt down the ground; it is very acidic and can stun the hunter as well. Once you are stunned, Khezu will pounce on you, giving you lots of damage, so make sure you don’t get stunned too often.

One disadvantage for hunters in this fight is that khezu is one of those dangerous wyverns in the monster hunter that will not activate a hunter’s yellow eye status.

Suppose you have played previous parts of the Monster Hunter series. In that case, you know, yellow eye in a hunter allows him to panic dodge any fast-incoming attacks from a monster, and unfortunately, you cannot do that here.

Also, keep in mind that Khezu is very tolerant against paralysis, so it is better to use pitfall traps rather than shock traps.

The fight against Khezu in MH Rise has a total of three rounds, where at the end of the first-round, Khezu will also start attacking you with his neck, his neck elongates you and he will try to grab you will his mouth.

After some time, Khezu will fly away from you. You will have to follow it down to where it goes and start attacking again. Here the process of the fight remains the same and after some time, Khezu will run away again.

Just keep following it and fighting it; it is just a process of rinse and repeat now. And this is how you can defeat the Khezu in Monster Hunter Rise

Khezu Item Drops

Going into the fight you must also know the items Khezu will drop once you get rid of it. Winning a fight against Khezu will win you High Rank and Low-Rank materials.

High-Rank Khezu Rewards

Following are the high-rank materials Khezu will drop with their drop rate and frequency.

  • Pale Extract: 70% x2, 30% x2
  • Pearl Hide: 50%
  • Wyvern Tear: 30%, 10%
  • Suspicious Fang+: 20%, 27%
  • Large Wyvern Tear: 20%, 20%
  • Wyvern Gem: 1%

Low-Rank Khezu Rewards

Following are the low-rank materials Khezu will drop with their drop rate and frequency.

  • Wyvern Tear: 50%, 20%
  • Flabby Hide : 40%
  • Pale Extract: 30%, 80%, 40%
  • Suspicious Fang: 20%, 20%

Khezu Weapons

Using the item drops above, you can craft various weapons in MHR to further improve your hunter. Below is the list of all the weapons that utilize drops from Khezu in MH Rise

  • Khezu Shock Sword
  • Khezu Shock Blade
  • Khezu Razor
  • Painful Razor
  • Khezu Daggers
  • Khezu Skards
  • Felyne Khezu Whaccine
  • Canyne Khezu Arma

Khezu Armor

Apart from the weapons mentioned above, drops from Khezu can also be used to craft different armor sets in MH Rise. Below is the complete list of armor for hunters as well as Buddies in MH Rise that require Khezu drops

  • Aknosom Set
  • Barroth Set
  • Chaos Set
  • Death Stench Set
  • Dober Set
  • Gargwa Set
  • Kadachi Set
  • Khezu Set
  • Kulu Set
  • Narwa Set
  • Wroggi Set
  • Zinogre Set
  • Felyne Khezu Set
  • Canyne Khezu Set