How to Defeat Aknosom in Monster Hunter Rise

Aknosom is one of the hardest monsters to beat in the Monster Hunter Rise and puts up a tough fight when you encounter it. In this guide, we will show you how to defeat Aknosom in Monster Hunter Rise while mentioning the strengths and weaknesses of Aknosom.

How to Defeat Aknosom in Monster Hunter Rise

Aknosom is a Bird Wyvern type and Fire element Monster who stands on only one leg and has huge attacking abilities. Its habitat is Shrine Ruins and Frost Islands.

It has a crane-like body with a Knight-like armor on top of it, with a long beak. Sometimes, it blasts fire from its mouth and also has a crest to intimidate its enemies.

It wears a massive red and gold parasol-like collar around its head, and its wings are also of the same colors and appearance.

Aknosom’s Strengths and Attacks

Aknosom is very protective of its private space and does not like intruders. By fanning out its collar, Aknosom may use it as a protective shield or a bludgeoning weapon.

Its beak is strong enough to stab into the ground with a lot of force and not get hurt.

Aknosom seems to be doing a mid-fight flight. Even though it doesn’t seem like it will be in the air for so long, it will probably always make it harder to hit.

The breath of Aknosom causes it to leave the wisps of flame behind as an impact and it can even bend. That means you have to be careful while dealing with Aknosom’s breath and dodge its breath attacks.

Charges directly to its destination. Since the charge alone is somewhat quick, so you will have a critical time window to beat it after the charge.

One of Aknosom’s attacks is when it stands on one leg and attacks with its wings. The only thing you can do against this attack is to avoid it.

Aknosom rises up, folds its crest like a shade and pinches her beak, assaulting the ground right in front of her. You will have to dodge this attack as well since this attack occurs in succession.

Aknosom’s Rush Attack can make you fly in the air and throw you away a long distance. The rush attack can be easily avoided as Aknosom bow before the rush attack is executed. You will have a small window of opportunity to attack if the attack does not get you as Aknosom will remain motionless.

Battle Strategy

Your main battle strategy should be to avoid its attack as much as possible and try to stay out of its attacking zone. Guess it’s attack as soon as possible and try to avoid them and hit it on the counter.

It will be a long and arduous battle, so buckle up as it will take a lot of your time. Use your attacks wisely and you should be able to defeat Aknosom with ease.

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